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Secret Underground Bases And Cloning Centers

Point Of No ReturnDec 18, 2019, 11:17:09 AM

THIS IS NO CONSPIRACY AT ALL! Cloning centers in underground bases like Phil Schneider reported are real, and they are nothing new!!! Cloning, chimerism, DNA tampering, and DNA modification have even existed during the Time of Noah… I hope this is ringing some alarm bells!!!

Many celebrities, entertainers, athletes, musicians, models, writers, producers, actors, all kinds of people from various industries are silently brought to the cloning centers for “pay-to-play sessions.”

They asked me to pass the message on to you and that you would have to look for the signs and symbols in their media in order to see their hinting at these events. The situation is heavily controlled using advanced monitoring technology and brainwave/EEG cloning technology.

The Elite who control the world have been keeping a very dark secret for many years now and it’s getting to the point where the truth is about to be revealed. This will sound crazy but this is an important part to the whole thing.

After world war 2 the Nazi’s discovered how to clone humans through a process which involved agitating the human tissue and letting the cells heal until it grew a fully formed person, they also discovered that when a person is in the R.E.M cycle of sleep they could transfer the consciousness of that person into their clone.

Now there are cloning centers all over the world and these are the places where the top politicians and religious sectors of society meet in secret to discuss matters concerning the world…you may know them as the Illuminati. Celebrities started to attend a short time after.


credit video UFOmania - The truth is out there   https://youtu.be/E6A1E0msD84