For now I’m just posting photos from my Instagram and don’t really know what to do else in here.
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News, Entertainment, Humor, Trivia, etc. ●Mandela Effect Community●

このチャンネルは私のお尻が太って見えるのですか? My YouTube Channel:

Smooth Shoes
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Comfortable shoes and the freedom to leave are the two most important things in life. Shel Silverstein


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Truth Media Publisher Aggregator Visit my Covid-19 Truther Channel Information & Research Technologist Channel photo, stage performance musical, David The Endless Throne Begins

===Backyard Astronomer=== I like to stand in the dark and take pictures of the sky.

Conspiracy/reality - Not anti vaxx, just pro health and science.. I would like to thank all of those generous people listed below who have wired me tokens!!! You guy's are the best, it's much appreciated! I'll use every token I receive spreading the truth far and wide... @Thesweetpeapatchco - 7.000 @FreeQuinnSees - 5.000 @Consistent - 4.000 @Erwinschoofs - 2.336 @JCDenton - 2.000 @TheTruthTimes - 1.000 @ChemTrailsMN - 1.000 @Luculent - 1.000 @Vupro - 1.000 @Jim270 - 1.000 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - If anyone would like to donate to my cause, I'm pretty much dedicating my life to helping my autistic son be the best he can be, raising him and my daughter, giving them every opportunity to thrive. Then with any spare time I try to raise awareness about the dangers of vaccines, health in general and just having blind faith in the pharmaceutical companies. I also want to help other families living with autism, make sure they aren't being sold down the river by a complacent or corrupt doctor. Setup sports days, community social events, not just for autism but for any kid that might feel a bit different. Make it all inclusive, maybe even be able to offer financial support for less fortunate people that can't afford the upfront costs of a toxicologist, or a dietitian. I've been lucky there, I had support from family so I've been able to work full time, allows us to get by, just. Barring the 1st year of my son's life, due to his health and his mothers crippling post natal depression, I only managed to work 3 out of 12 months. Anyway I digress. Any donations/transfers will be met with a massive thank you, and be much appreciated. Also for the budding YouTubers looking to grow, happy to follow your work, subscribe across my 3 channels I've ended up with, give plenty of likes, comments etc Ethereum address: 0xa6dfa14e013ecbe4f211ed0d452a11803ae66078 Bitcoin address: bc1qlvx6g0syjqmhcxaydwqsx4jhvk7n7eh67z46qd Bitcoincash address: qzf9nxskrde6750x3ecwfd80dgc40v3v05xuwcptn3

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11th commandment of God: "Take care of your job"

Real person #myphoto life All pics taken with my phone

Feb 2017
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