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Trusting God in being the center of your life.

Demetrius BradleyDec 19, 2018, 5:16:19 PM

They are those people who believe that we are the ultimate authority in our lives and that if we human beings work hard enough we can achieve anything we want. The truth is that we don’t really have any control over our lives for example you in don’t choose who we are born to too and the external forces in our lives. In reality control is illusion we tell ourselves to give ourselves comfort while we traverse this world with all its wonder and challenges. Our culture in particular in America preaches that we as individuals are the primary constant in our lives but that is not so. It is Christ who is not only the primary constant but also the central focus of the entire cosmos. When we come to terms with the fact we are not the central focus in our lives I have discovered we develop a deep sense of peace our place in the universe.

What I’m not saying is that we can’t improve our lives and try to make the world a better for ourselves and those around us. What I’m trying to convey is that without the sober realization that we are not sovereign and things don’t always go to plan we are setting ourselves up for constant experiences of grief and disappointment. Lately things haven’t been going things as I have hoped in my life. Job prospects in my life fell through and losing a friend to cancer has put a damper to my spirits in this advent season. But through experience something of a dark night of a soul in this season of my life has helped me bring things in proper perspective. I’m reminded of what Jesus stated when he told his disciples that they will have trouble. When you look at the disciples lives you see that Jesus statement is true because many of them face extreme persecution and a martyr's death. However despite all of the hardship they faced they still pressed on and they continued to serve God and others. Due to their sacrifices and their unshakable trust in God’s sovereignty they took over the Roman Empire.

 Finally as a Christian I’m called by Jesus to love God first and foremost and love others as I love myself. Christ wants us too pursue his righteousness and justice in this world and in our lives to give him the glory that’s due him. However as Christians we must pursue his will with the acceptance that we can’t do anything without his guidance and providence.