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How to engage and alleviate anxiety

Demetrius BradleySep 3, 2018, 3:22:17 PM

Throughout my twenty-seven years of life I have as well you have experienced anxiety and fear. Anxiety and fear are very pervasive emotions that can have very serious consequences on our lives if we leave these emotions unchecked. I know for fact in my the time of my short twenty-something years that I’ve let anxiety dictate key decisions in my life. I can tell you the result of letting my unfounded fears have led me to miss out on great opportunities in life as well as led to grave mistakes. What I found out in the course of my life is that the reason why I’m faced with so much fear and anxiety is due to the fact of my pride and trying to be God.

Looking back on my life I realized that it does not help me by freaking out from everything that could potentially turn bad. Freaking out does nothing to help me or help the situation in fact all it does it makes me depressed and takes precious time away from doing something productive with my life. Throughout my life and learning from other Christians I realized that my heavenly father does not want me to live in a state of constant panic and trepidation. Christ says as much in the passage “Matthew 6:25-34”, where he tells us in effect how can worry can’t add any more years to our lives.

 From this passage I realize that my fear was sin. I’m not saying it’s a sin to haves cares or concerns but I’m taught through the book of psalms to bring my cares and petitions to God. Through praying with my brothers and sisters and making my supplications known to God I’m giving my Lord and others Christians the opportunity to speak truth to where their lies and also to provide comfort. I say all this not to guilt anyone I have myself dealt with severe depression in the past and know the pain of loss as I buried friends and family in the span of two years. Even the Lord Christ was acquainted with grief as he faced the pain of loss and betrayal from those closest to him. God wants me to face my problems and troubles with faith and hope in him because he’s the greatest foundation and cornerstone in my life that can not be swayed to and fro by unpredictable waves of life. Finally the surest way to combat fear is to keep entrusting your life in hands of a God who bled and died for you and knows all the variables in life.