Alexander Delfinov (1971, Moscow) – russian speaking poet, journalist, spokenword artist. Winner of Russia poetry slam (2019). Participant from Russia at the European poetry slam in Maribor (2020). Cofounder of PANDA platform (Berlin, 2009). Open poetry lab in SoMe since 2009. Author of 7 poetry books. Lives in Germany.
Arkady Alexandrov
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"I am not a know-it-all. I am a person who knows lots of things and likes to correct other people when they're wrong." Sheldon Cooper, "The Big Bang Theory" Languages: russian, czech Bio: 2002 - graduated in law from Higher school of economics, Moscow; 2009 - attorney-at-law, Czech bar association; 2020 - PhD. student, Charles university One wife, two children, two cats. Scope of interests: theory, philosophy and history of law, formal linguistics, philosophy and history of religion, cultural evolution, statistics, classical music, modern architecture, urban planning, black humor, chaosbusting, rail transport, particle physics. Disclaimer: Policy: Selected works: Legal practice: LinkedIn: ResearchGate:

Напился! Ругался! Сломал деревцо! Стыдно смотреть людям в лицо...

Андрей Лукьянов, сценарист

Aging cat. Sometimes writer, interpretator, philologist, journalist, guide. Cat-dog languages are clearer to me than other languages.

That man's not a center of the universe, And working in an office makes it worse

Jan 2021
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