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If I post something important to you, please remind. Spread the information. I signed up at 10:00pm central time on 2-21-2019. These photos are not mine unless I write that they are mine. Artist Beard competitor Beardling. 2nd Amendment advocate Women as an art form @Drtygrl @Oppoten @stoltski @Paradisechannel @marshajean @NakedWomen @adult69porn @Egrego @Hotbint @Phuonglinh13 @BabeOLicious @KarenLloydSexyCute @theviewfrombehind @bigtitsdaily @Smallboobsarebestboobs @Thesatchking @chikido @xxxtatic93 @burlesque Good sites. @F150 @TBFW @Rooster48 @TheProvert @PeterTaboni

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Minds Content Creator, Minds Community Open Source Initiative Co-Founder and MindsUserGroup Administrator ____________________________________ Technical and Open Source Blog https://www.minds.com/medworthy/blogs?referrer=medworthy ____________________________________ Minds Community Open Source Initiative Group https://www.mcosi.org/group Minds Community Open Source Initiative Channel https://www.mcosi.org/channel ____________________________________ MindsUserGroup https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/773612857802629140?referrer=medworthy ____________________________________ Medworthy's Music Selection https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/941740440444149760?referrer=medworthy ____________________________________ E-Mail: [email protected] Please note that the above e-mail address is for business enquiries only. If wanting to contact me on another matter, please do so via either Minds Chat, Minds Messenger or a Minds post. I cannot offer free technical support services via e-mail. ____________________________________ Disclaimer: The contents of this channel (hereinafter referred to as "@medworthy") and associated on-platform (Minds.com based) posts, blog articles and commentary contains material which may be copyrighted. @medworthy provides such material available for the purpose of education, critique, commentary, review and news reporting which constitute "fair use" of any copyrighted material as provided by section 107 of the United States of America's Copyright Act - 1976 (17 USC § 107). Not withstanding sections 106 and 106a (17 USC §§ 106 & 106a). @medworthy is produced by Mark Edworthy. Expressions that are created by Mark Edworthy on or relating to @medworthy are personal and belongs solely to Mark Edworthy. These expressions do not represent those of individuals, institutions or organisations that Mark Edworthy may or may not be associated with, including but not limited to Minds.com, MindsUserGroup ("MUG") and the Minds Open Source Community Initiative ("MCOSI") unless Mark Edworthy explicitly states otherwise. The content of @medworthy (including but not withstanding associated posts, blog articles and commentary) has been created in accordance to the Minds.com Terms of Service agreement. The purpose of the content is to discuss or critique greater issues. Mark Edworthy harbours no malicious intent. The content may contain jokes, satire and negative criticism of any associations, organisations, groups or individuals but is intended as a platform to discuss or critique greater issues and does not constitute a personal attack or abuse on any individual. Any links ("uniform resource locator", "URL", "hyperlink", "href", "Internet address") contained within @medworthy's content are to avoid plagiarism and misquotations by citing original sources. All associated embedded and linked content is provided with the implied permission of the content owner or provider.

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