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Christian, Programmer, Tech Enthusiast, Gamer, Center-Right Conservative. Self Improvement and Learning. I love learning new skills and studying to gain new knowledge. Presently I'm learning Spanish on Duolingo. I keep my mind fresh with the Elevate app. I'm working through SoloLearn.com courses to learn new programming langues and concepts. I'm also into road and mountain biking and hiking. Gab: https://gab.com/DCKarres Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/6JUNF1mjqPW0/ Telegram: @DCKarres
On this channel I will try to highlight the best places on the internet to acquire cryptocurrencies, either by chance or for time investment. Occasionally, I will post and promote personally selected and tried casinos or gambling games that don't offer free chances and require an actual deposit. All sites that do not require any deposits or payments in order to have a chance or a guarantee on an amount will be tagged with "#FREE". Donation address BTC: 1LoveUNiXwuk5kZj1nWGgr139P4zbCAELY
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I make political, cultural, and gaming videos. I shit post, rant, and argue on twitter follow me there for video uploads and tons of fun! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl9s0VpZwQuvTCyZj_VtCwg?&ab_channel=Sinatra_Says
Abandoned Mines?
Sharing news stories that get my attention and what I think of them.
Bullish Grounded Futurist Not from the future Digital Hunter Gatherer Training to go Super Saiyan Vegeta got sold out in the anime Will go to the moon Wont buy a Lambo Wants Crypto so simple, your nan uses it Endures the uphill struggle of convincing others about Bitcoin Lighthearted Commentator Fuelled by coffee Driven by fire Nerd Techy Learn Earn Dont. Get. Burned. I'm here for the tech, the sats, and the future and memes
Jun 2019
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