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I don't have a lot of time to spend posting like I did but since being back. I share a lot, for now. Soon ill have a lot to say. I was silent and went off the grid from the end of 2016 until I became a minds member again last year. I've found multiple accounts impersonating me on other platforms since returning to Minds last year along with accounts I lost access to that were manipulated in my absence. Without sending in proper ID (which I'm not too cool with) i can't have them deleted, but we're working on it. Legally that's about all I can say until the situation that caused me to dip in the first place is resolved. Before you judge by relying on Google, or paranoid thinking keep in mind we're all on #Minds for a reason. or nor, I really dint care the option to block is there. Tread lightly though.. there's a thin line between free speech and... Anything you want to know, ask me directly. Message me gab @jannelybeans Not here for tokens, attention or anything like that. I've already been there. And I wouldn't go back for all the money in the world. Peace of mind, privacy. freedom, dealing with the craziness today with a sense of humor; and finding like minded people who feel the same to connect with on this part of my journey is what matters the most. ✌ I have been informed by my legal team, some amateur sleuths since returning to Minds have been taking the impersonators and slander so seriously (not knowing they weren't me), they've made their way up to the top of Google making them easier to locate. Some have been removed. Thanks a bunch! 😊 Blessings 😉

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I have a realistic approach and love nature

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Jun 2015
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