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Understanding and Examples of Explanatory Texts

danuaji88Jul 7, 2019, 11:27:44 PM

What is meant by the explanatory text explanation text ??? quoted from https://www.dosenpendidikan.com/ - explanatory text is a text that describes the process or stages of "why" and "how" the occurrence of a phenomenon or event related to nature, social, scientific and cultural.

Another opinion says that the definition of explanatory text is a paragraph or text whose contents explain an information about the process of the occurrence of a phenomenon, which is both natural phenomena, science, and social and cultural life. This type of text is also often found in science, geography and history books.

Characteristics of Explanatory Text

Explanatory text has certain characteristics that distinguish it from other types of text, while the characteristics of explanatory text are as follows:

All information conveyed in the text is based on "factual" facts without any additional opinion from the author.

The topics discussed here are phenomena related to science or scientific nature.

This type of text is informative and does not attempt to influence the reader to believe the matters discussed.

The structure of the text consists of three types, namely general statements, explanatory lines or causation and interpretation.

The explanation in this text uses sequence markers, such as first, second, third and others.

Examples of Explanatory Texts on Natural Disasters (Landslides)

Landslide is an event where the occurrence of soil movements or commonly called geology that occurs due to the movement of rock or soil with various types and types such as the fall of rocks or large clumps of land.

Landslides or collapsed outlines can occur due to two factors: driving factors and trigger factors. The driving factor is a factor that affects the condition of the material itself, while the trigger factors are the factors causing the material to move.

In Indonesia, this event almost always occurs. Most are caused by earthquakes, which move the underground plate so that the element or subsurface plate becomes displaced causing fractures and landslides.

There are many more things that can trigger and cause landslides. Whether it's caused by nature or because of human behavior itself, including the high rainfall, if the rainy season with a long duration there will be evaporation of water in the soil surface in large quantities.

After evaporation, pores or cavities will appear, then cracks occur on the surface, when it rains water will infiltrate the cracked part and the water will enter so that it accumulates at the bottom of the slope, then causes lateral movements and landslides occur.

For the prevention of landslides can be by using trees, because the roots of the tree will help a lot by absorbing rain water so that it can minimize.

The above points are some of the causes of landslides. As a result of this disaster, certainly not the most severe loss is casualties, in addition to material losses such as loss of houses, land, property that must be given up due to landfall by landslides.

Very rare people in landslides can save themselves because because the speed of landslides is estimated to be able to reach speeds of 100 km / h speed which is impossible to run for humans without equipment. In addition, after the incident the survivors will not experience a bit of deep trauma.

If you hear a big roar near you then immediately run to the place or stable plains area. Don't go to the edge of a steep cliff or cliff because it's like suicide.

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