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My Minds Flash Fiction

Daniel and AngelMar 9, 2021, 5:53:24 PM

Here is a list of stories I've posted on Minds. 
If you like them, please share them around. 

General Stories
Take The Stars
A short scifi story about a post apocalyptic humanity reaching for the stars. 

A Persuasive Argument
A sci-fi story about humanity's habit of doing really stupid things and why its better to be our friend than our enemy. 

Bad Decision 
Be careful who you kidnap. Even supposedly harmless people can be very dangerous. 

Good neighbours are important, especially when disaster strikes. 

No Victory Here
How far will humanity go to fight an alien invader?

A Breakdown in Negotiations
When humanity finally meets aliens we probably won't always see eye to eye. 

Death Sends His Regards
A fantasy story where a human dares to enter the court of the Elven king. It ends with a bang. 

A budding villain practices with her new powers.

Big Joe
A power armour superhero has to deal with a grossly overpowered vigilante in the 1960's. 

A superhero has to deal with his greatest opponent of all time, a monster in the closet. 

Tired Of It All
Sick of his life, a man gets a chance to change his life around when a super fight crashes into his workplace. 

The Smiling Lady
A father prepares to face down a monster that has followed him his entire life. My attempt at a creepy pasta. 

Tradition and Dark Lords
Dungeon guards discuss the new rules created by the Dark Lord, while trying to figure out what to do about a sick prisoner. 

Overprotective Dad 
Sometimes it pays to be overprotective, especially when a magical evil empire wants your daughter. 

They Said Hell Would Be Warm
A few hours in the life of a young man forced to live underground with the remnants of humanity. 

Toy Soldiers
A superhero with a unique power must protect a convoy of civilians during an alien invasion. 

A superhero comes home to an unexpected surprise. 

First Day Blues
A new school is opening for altered humans and things don't go smoothly as planned. 
Basically a first chapter, I have no idea what I'll do with it, just didn't want to forget the idea.

New Family
A not so typical family evening. 

A young superhero meets a top tier villain team. 

Bad Dog
A petty thug meets a boy and his dog. 

A strange girl faces off against a gang of thugs. 

A patient finally finds something that eases her gnawing hunger. 

Not all superpowers are good.

Are You From Canada
A humorous story. 

Mind+ Stories

A Do Over
A convict in a psych ward is offered a chance to fix his past, can he trust the offer or is he truly insane? 

Lodging a Complaint
A drug dealer and mutant, gets a rather painful lesson regarding quality control.

A superhero has to fill in for a friend for a few months. It doesn't go well.