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My Minds Flash Fiction

Daniel and AngelMar 9, 2021, 5:53:24 PM

Here is a list of stories I've posted on Minds. 
If you like them, please share them around. 

General Stories

A budding villain practices with her new powers.

Big Joe
A power armour superhero has to deal with a grossly overpowered vigilante in the 1960's. 

A superhero has to deal with his greatest opponent of all time, a monster in the closet. 

Tired Of It All
Sick of his life, a man gets a chance to change his life around when a super fight crashes into his workplace. 

The Smiling Lady
A father prepares to face down a monster that has followed him his entire life. My attempt at a creepy pasta. 

Tradition and Dark Lords
Dungeon guards discuss the new rules created by the Dark Lord, while trying to figure out what to do about a sick prisoner. 

Overprotective Dad 
Sometimes it pays to be overprotective, especially when a magical evil empire wants your daughter. 

They Said Hell Would Be Warm
A few hours in the life of a young man forced to live underground with the remnants of humanity. 

Toy Soldiers
A superhero with a unique power must protect a convoy of civilians during an alien invasion. 

A superhero comes home to an unexpected surprise. 

First Day Blues
A new school is opening for altered humans and things don't go smoothly as planned. 
Basically a first chapter, I have no idea what I'll do with it, just didn't want to forget the idea.

New Family
A not so typical family evening. 

A young superhero meets a top tier villain team. 

Bad Dog
A petty thug meets a boy and his dog. 

A strange girl faces off against a gang of thugs. 

A patient finally finds something that eases her gnawing hunger. 

Not all superpowers are good.

Are You From Canada
A humorous story. 

Mind+ Stories

A Do Over
A convict in a psych ward is offered a chance to fix his past, can he trust the offer or is he truly insane? 

Lodging a Complaint
A drug dealer and mutant, gets a rather painful lesson regarding quality control.

A superhero has to fill in for a friend for a few months. It doesn't go well.