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Tricks To Make Your Pet Cup Brandings Look More Attractive!

customcupsAug 30, 2018, 12:21:34 PM

If you have been branding your pet cups in your food and beverages joint, you must have noticed that branding on pet cups doesn’t look that great. But, what can you do about it? It’s something that needs to be done to promote your brand, and you keep customizing it notwithstanding.

However, what would you do if someone told you to quit the boring branding and use innovative ways to make the same custom pet cup more attractive? Well, you can find out now, as this blog is going to present you with 3 tricks you can use to make it look and feel better –

1. Frost The Middle, And Brand On It

The main problem with pet cup branding is that it is transparent and reflects a lot of light. This makes the logos look unimportant or non-highlighted. But, if you were to add a little bit of opaque with some frosting along the middle of its cylinder and stick your logo there, it would look way better.

Not just that, it would be far more noticeable by people – and that would serve your purpose to the best possible end.

2. Use Darker Colors On Your Logo

Light colors will not be able to battle out with the transparent refractive nature of pet cups. That is one of the main reasons why darker colors will make all the difference. They will give it an opaque look and that will give it a better highlight.

The common colors that you can use are navy, black, dark red, and the likes. Combining it with contrasting backgrounds is always a good idea – to give it more emphasis.

3. Using The Color Box

Sometimes you do not have the luxury to change your logo and deal with the refractive index of pet disposable cups. What do you in that case? If you already have a logo that is renowned and designed with light colors, then you can ask your custom disposable plastic cups manufacturer to make a dark colored box in the middle and print the logo on that. This color should be neutral and have an opaque nature – also, it would help if it contrasts well with the color of your logo.

These are the 3 ways in which you can even transform your pet cup branding and make it look more attractive and eye-catching for your customers. Once you start implementing these, on a long enough timeline, you will be able to see the positive results. And if you can figure out a few other ways, then get creative, take inspiration, and make it happen.