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The Highest Integrity Voting System

CSharpnerJul 27, 2019, 6:04:07 PM

The Problem

#VoterFraud and #ElectionFraud are a threat to our way of life and more elections have been stolen than we'd want to admit.  Electronic voting machines are a step in the wrong direction.  Actually, they're more than a "step"; they're the ultimate demise of democracy... the ultimate weapon for the corrupt.  Why?  Because it's impossible to validate that the numbers they report are valid and are easily hacked and/or manipulated.

What's the solution?

Until our votes are on a public, open source, decentralized blockchain, run by citizens hardware, not organizations or governments, you should be asking for paper ballots. It's IMPOSSIBLE to validate the integrity of the vote with the current electronic voting machines UNLESS it's on a blockchain like I pointed out above.

[Update 2020-08-21] Blockchains are not the ONLY technology to provide these features.  The IOTA cryptocurrency uses something called a "tangle".  What's important are the FEATURES provided, not necessarily the specific technology that provides those features.

In fact, that type of blockchain, though technically IS "electronic voting", is even MORE robust than paper ballots. Why? Because it has the following features:

1. EVERY vote can be validated IMMEDIATELY by the person casting the ballot.

2. Once a vote is cast, it CANNOT be altered... by ANYONE... Not by the NSA, not by Google, not by the Democrats, not by the Republicans, not by local election boards, not by "volunteer" election workers, not by foreign governments... not by ANYONE, ANYWHERE.

3. The current state of the election can be monitored by ANYONE and EVERYONE, in REAL TIME! This includes the AMOUNT of votes cast, the precinct, and how many votes each candidate or issue got.

4. You can vote from your OWN device (which could even be SAFER than machines at polling stations).

And it can do this while maintaining your privacy. Additionally, elections COULD add the option to let you change YOUR OWN vote as many times as you like, up until the polls close. And, there's no reason why legal citizenship and eligibility to vote in the election couldn't be validated before authorizing your account to vote, ensuring only legal citizens, eligible to vote CAN vote.

In short: ALL electronic voting is UNVERIFIABLE and cannot be trusted, EXCEPT for public, open source, decentralized, citizen hosted, blockchain voting, which is even better and safer than paper.

How do I know this?

I have 37 years experience in developing software, have been working with blockchain technology since 2014 and have developed my own blockchain software from scratch. I know how this works, inside and out. And I'm a huge advocate for election integrity.