A Freelance Artist/Illustrator with a great love for God and videogames. I'm currently working on a comic called Bound in Ink, Born of Stars! Portfolio: Ko-fi: Insta: Tumblr:
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Hi I draw things and write sometimes. I’d like to connect with more artists who draw or writes. I’m still getting the hang of Minds. I am confusion. explain America EXPLAIN

Artist, VA, author, and Christian who loves to make characters/stories! Currently working on my indie game “Mariposa and the Galaxy Man”—

Ya girl's a Christian manga artist, 20 years of age, and ADDICTED to drawing. I download games just to look at the art...

Illustrator specializing in children's books. I work with traditional media, mostly watercolor. I'm also a compulsive plant hoarder and seed shopper, and I read boatloads of books.

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Hello! I'm a digital artist trying to make a living with commission work! I do lots of art of my characters which include humans and animal crossing creatures. If you like my art and want to support me, please consider hiring me or throwing me a few bucks on my Ko-Fi page here >

Christian, Libertarian Conservative, Artist/Animator, Musician

I'm an anime fan. This is my shop, hope everyone supports me ^^ many thanks ~

Digital Artist | Original Stories?? | ⭐ I Hate Twitter ⭐ | Gender: grill | Also on DeviantArt, PillowFort, T W I T T E R, Instagram, and Toyhouse | Lives on a "farm" |

I'm young Cartoonist, who also likes animation.

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Jan 2021
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