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Hi there, I'm Karen, the founder of Crystal Angel Therapies by Karen....previously known as Crystal Angel Energy Healing. In 2017 I left behind a Medical/Scientific Laboratory career and retrained in more holistic and metaphysical interests after a rude awakening and a long dark night of the soul. My journey helped me completely overcome PTSD which had been wrongly diagnosed as anxiety, depression, night terrors, insomnia and O.C.D over the course of a decade🥰 My skill set includes: 🌹Certified Consciousness Creator 🌹Certified Mindfulness Life Coach 🌹Reiki and Crystal Reiki Master 🌹Priestess Numerologist 🌹Druidess In Training Featured in the book "The Art of Being Here and Now" by Rewire Hub 🙏
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A little about me... Travel | iPhone photography | Small-L libertarianism | Ever-growing cynicism | Tottenham Hotspur | 🏳️‍🌈 That’s it, really.

Fascinated by nature since her earliest memories, Tigrilla Gardenia turned that passion into her vocation.   Her journey began in a polyethnic childhood. She earned a degree in music and electrical engineering, entering the high-tech corporate world via RealNetworks and Microsoft in the early days of the internet.   The desire to escape the confines of the corporate world proved too strong, and Tigrilla soon began following her own spiritual path. She co-owned a circus, produced intentional dance events, taught Kabbalah, and even toured with Cirque du Soleil.   Today, she works as a Nature-Inspired Leadership Mentor and studies Plant Intelligence and the Effects of Plant Music on Human Health.   Tigrilla has the honor of being a Damanhur citizen in Italy — one of the largest spiritual eco-communities in the world.   Her roots are firmly planted in the arts, communication, and the avant-garde. Tigrilla uses her expertise to empower mission-driven leaders to achieve personal and professional success by integrating nature-inspired innovation in order to bring meaning to Life and make an impact with work. She is an influential speaker and mentor, running courses and workshops on reconnection with the plant kingdom.   Always eager to learn, she studied with some of the greatest minds in bio-inspired sciences, gaining a masters degree in Futuro Vegetale (Vegetal Future): plants, social innovation, design under Stefano Mancuso, University of Florence. She has also studied Biomimicry for Social Innovation and Product Development.   Tigrilla is a World Ambassador for Plant Intelligence and champions connection to nature as the basis for long-term health, happiness, and success.

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The Spiritual Escape. 20 years experience in Buddhist philosophy. understanding the mind. practice mindfulness and meditation
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Time traveler

The Conscious Resistance Network is an independent media organization focused on empowering individuals through education, philosophy, health, and community organizing. We work to create a world where corporate and state power does not rule over the lives of free human beings. Our website and channel covers a wide range of topics from politics, activism, spirituality, gardening, music, solutions, and more. We are always looking for new contributors. As of January 2019 our current contributors (to the site and channel) are: Derrick Broze - weekly podcast, interviews, and vlogs that cover the most important news you won't hear from the corporate media, as well as explorations of philosophy, spirituality, and solutions.

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29 years old, married, living in North-West England. Likes: reading, writing, walks, the outdoors, comedy. I post short stories under #gmstories Dislikes: woke authoritarianism, the erasure of women's rights/single-sex spaces, kids being told they've been "born in the wrong body", English people who say "y'all".

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**PLEASE NOTE** I obtain content from public domain for this time line. It is not for profit or promotion, and any request for identification or removal will be honored. I am what we are. When you succeed we all win, If I could help I win.I gain my strength one small heart felt moment of giving at a time, that in time you will want more for someone else as well. A stranger a victim or outcast, A some point most of us have been one of them.

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My name is Benjamin. My channel will focus on Psychology, Spirituality, Art, and self sufficiency/health. My up and coming projects include: - An alternative psychology support program - A series of short psychological blogs - A series of short stories for kids with good lessons for parents stuck inside with limited budgets. -A series of stories based on dreams more directed to the psychedelic and alternative genres. -Health and wellness channels -Basic Meditation channels -Esoteric meditations Channels.

England, United Kingdom
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Nov 2020
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