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BLOCKCHAIN technology has been known to be the technology that can disrupt the content publishing sectors and story industries simply by providing solutions to the problems that content and story writers and publisher’s faces in this century. Simplification of content and stories distribution and also effectiveness in monetization process is one of the reasons why BLOCKCHAIN technology needs to be adopted in story writing and publishing industries.

With the attributes of BLOCKCHAIN technology, lots of advantages and benefits can be brought to the story industries and to the story creators and writers. It has been observed most times that story creators and content publishers do have to rely on third-party services before their stories can be published and also before the rewards can be allocated for creating the stories in which this has caused lots of sets back in the content and story industries.

It has been observed that most of the third-party services in charge of content and story publishing and rewards payment always take away the high percentage of rewards meant for the creators. Have you ever imagined writing stories and content for several hours and days and at the end of the day third-party services carting away rewards which belongs to you? I believed this is unfair to the writers and this is why STORICHAIN is here to offer solutions to all the problems facing the story writers and publishers and also readers

Before now, there is always fear of getting little or no rewards for creating stories and contents by the writers and the readers, but now the best platform “STORICHAIN” has come to revolutionize the content and story industries. I could remember some platforms I do publish my contents stories before I found STORICHAIN, these platforms are found of cheating the creators by not paying us the actual rewards we deserved for publishing on their platforms. But now I don’t have to worry myself again because STORICHAIN platform is here for all the writers and readers out there

With the help of blockchain technology, STORICHAIN is trying to make the conversation between writers and readers a touch fairer, extra dependable agreement to create asset fee.

STORICHAIN is a decentralized stories and content sharing platform that gives rewards to story writer’s and readers on its platform. STORICHAIN didn’t just stopped at rewarding writers and publishers alone but has also make it a point of duty to reward users and members of the platform by reading already published stories and contents.

We have seen some other platforms like STORICHAIN in the past years but some issues still affecting these platforms that needed to be rectified. Transparency and trust is one of the key features that will make STORICHAIN platform the best and rated ahead of others. Stories writers have been complaining about low rewards payment for writing and publishing contents and stories in the other platforms and this is why STORICHAIN has come to rectify this issue by paying story writers exact rewards they desired for their works.


STORICHAIN will also help the readers by filtering the published stories on the platforms. The originality of the content shared will be checked and confirmed by STORICHAIN platform

Storichain feature

Optimizedoptimized for creators of _

Co-work / Co-write / Contracts between authors, weekly Compensation and APIs for third-party content provider companiesEasy to useAnytime, anywhere you want to tell a story. _

Easy and fast writing platform.Matching pairAuthor Match / Collaboration / Job Statistics Agreement / Update Notification / Complete Commission Create Participate inPlatform for readers to participate in work, become their own writers, make stories, and participate in themTransparentPlatform that rewards participants fairly and transparently based on their contributions.Platform GlobalGlobal platforms that can be translated, marketed, or even copyrighted for global expansion


A space where anyone can post a secret situation into a story with the protection of personal information

Refunds are available for unread parts! Reaction by scene, sharing, rating, recommendation

Your deep-reading contribution to creation is also based on your reaction!

Cut-in Talk : a comment between the actors’ lines

Reward if adopted after providing a personal life episode to a writer

Distribution of copyright revenues as story Growth Index grows

Animating Viewer for readers. Crypto-Actor Changing feature!


Professional creative tools for creating/distributing video scripts, webtoons, web novels, and interactive storie

An illustration upload function for monetization of illustrator

Creation progress, latest contribution variation, and story growth graphs

Team agreement between collaborative writers (translators, illustrators, acoustics, assistant writers), Smart NDA Copyright Protection, Plagiarism Detection

Pre Built Smart Contract – Contract Template Kits for revenue distribution based on participants’ contributions rate


Funding for production video/publishing

Trade story IP through growth graphs measured by participant contributions

Gateway, a rookie writer through Contesting Menu

Distribution and settlement of cryptocurrency-based coupons


Pro Stori : a menu for professional writers

Open Stori : a social story creation menu for everyone who share their life stories into narrative.

Contesting Stori : a contesting menu for amateur writers and influencing marketer

Trading Stori : a menu to buy & sell with story Intellectual Property

Funding Stori : a menu for production fundraiser to produce secondary works such as movies, webtoons, etc.



2017 Q3– Concept IDEA2017 Q4– Team Building & Advisory Contact


2018 Q1– Establishing Business Model– 1st Draft of Storyboard– 1st Draft of Eco-System and Entity Develop– MVP Design– Web Publishing2018 Q2– Prototyping– Concept Demo Video– Contribution Architect– 1st Core Smart Contract Architect– Token Sale2018 Q3– Seed Creator Invitation– MVP Closed Open2018 Q4– POC – Creator Eco Experiment– Web Application (Centralized Based)


2019 Q1– Alpha Service Launching (Using Luniverse)– 2nd Core Smart Contract Architect– Partnership with Entertainment Production2019 Q3– Stori Contract, GI Contract– Creation Contract2019 Q4– Beta Service (Minting/Distribution)– Original Contents


2020 Q1– Story Contract Kit Launch– Plot Template Kit Launch2020 Q1– Crypto Actor Kit Launch2020 Q3– Plain Document Kit_Meet the Team, Great PeopleJunes Lee > Co-Founder & CEOYoonchul Chung > CCO (Film Diriector)Jin Young Choi > CTOSang Wook Kim > CSO(Developer)Sang Hoon Han > Lawyer (Copyright, media & IP)Mickey Choi > CBO(Business Organizer)James Lee > Chief Engineer (Co-Founder)Tae Seok Yang > AccountantEffy Song > Communication DirectorChang Gyoo Kim > SF Fiction WriterKcod Kyung > DeveloperHong Yeop Choi > DeveloperBohun Jeong > Business StrategySang Joon Park > Content Strategy ProducerAdvisor_Jang Ho Lee > Film DirectorDr. Myung Sung Lee > ConsultantSung Jun Park > Doctor of Cryptology, Head of Blockchain Research Center at Dongguk UniversityJong Yoon Ro > Film ProducerHee Won Jung > CEO of AnySignDong Sam Byun > Blockchain ExpertShakil Muhammad > Blockchain Expert

TORI Token Distribution (Storichain Platform Billing Unit)

Project partners

To know more about STORICHAIN check the links below

Website => https://storichain.io/

Whitepaper => https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1s902dyb4msuSu4dcg-9tlqE8vVcxC2Kb

Telegram => https://t.me/storichain_en

Facebook => https://www.facebook.com/storichain

Medium => https://medium.com/storichain

Twitter => https://twitter.com/storichain



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