Ryan Smith is the Senior Marketing Manager at Optin Contacts Inc. He is in charge of Optin Contact’s online marketing strategy and implementation. Web:

Alexandra is CEO and Founder of the Cartera Group of Companies parent company to cnecct the open social networking platform / marketplace. Utilizing the power of network effects, cnecct stores value and control of content via distributed and open blockchain protocol. Alexandra is dedicated to advancing the research and responsible application of bleeding edge technology such as AI, neural and distributed networks, ML and deep learning, blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrency, VR/AR, distributed data, and the platforms that support these. She is Founder of Advance Tech Media and Host of the Advance Tech Podcast where we interview innovative and forward thinking experts who are defining the technology, digital economy and ecology of tomorrow. Alexandra has over a decade of experience managing software projects and brings an understanding of how event based system implementations impact organisations. She is a student of the patterns in DDD/CQRS/ES and how they apply to Conway’s Law. Alexandra has led and mentored development, design and quality assurance teams and directly managed multimillion dollar projects and initiatives in ecommerce, digital media, fintech, business intelligence and analytics, education, healthcare and environmental markets. Alexandra has worked with national and international organizations and creative/digital agencies. Currently living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Alexandra's interests range from technology and entrepreneurship to fitness and innovation. WORK Advance Tech Media ( EDUCATION University of British Columbia Stanford University

Developer working from my soon-to-be hobby farm. Into self sufficiency, blockchain tech, cryptocurrencies, machine learning, SDR, SBC, politics, and world news.

Objectivist, The Arbiter, The Avatar of America, The Champion of Freedom U.S. candidate for Congressional President

May 2018
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