oneQclub We are people walking in faith helping the people we come across. We treat indigenous with alternative medicine for free. Our vision is to build organic, self sustainable farms where knowledge of new technologies, alternative medicine and self sustainable farming is tought to the indigenous. Empower the poor! We visualize a world where health, help, sustainability, cooperation, peace, respect and fun are the highest principles. Like it? Come check us out on: Every helping hand is very much welcome! All donors are listed here in our WALL OF GRATITUDE Anne H (50.-) Charlotte M.(50.-) @SilverWolf8 (0.002016 BTC) @RonBranch (1 token) @scottcbusiness (2 tokens) @SOTA for donating 2000 USD @mary for doanting 1000 USD @J.P. for donating 1000 USD Thank you very much! donations @ BTC 3E1MRkoSRMUbHeCEPmEA2myUxhrnjZ7ppw ETH 0x79fEBc80115d055d576c78EE674A50Ab97F6C71C LTC MH9qFH4e7afzSJ35zt5MMrikDbyd8Vme2d
location_onGuatemala City

Political geek from the UK. Centre-left Brexiteer. I make videos on current events and politics.

🚀​🚀​ ​ICO Advisor & Crypto Enthusiast🚀​🚀​ Project Manager & Public Speaker 💡​ 💡​​ 💡​💡​ SEO/SEM Public Speaker Competitive Intelligence A Marketing expert with a deep knowledge of the Blockchain industry. Co-Founder of a social media web agency, leader in support and marketing advising to companies wishing to enhance their image on the web.

Highly critical of bikinis.

Priorities: Allah/God, My Parents & acquiring 360 Degrees/Supreme Wisdom. Author of Putting my People on Blast

Self taught artist. Mom of 1 amazing child! From Seattle, WA 🌲💖 Trying to follow my dreams. People can be anything they want if they work hard enough. Help me prove that to my daughter! Follow me on InstaGram: @_sophiawolf1715 Add me on SnapChat: @Shewolfninja91 Email me at: [email protected] for commissions or art trades 😜💍 Buy me a coffee at: for 3$ get a thank you gift from me. 10$ digitally draw your name 15$ for hand drawn head shot 25$ for digital head shot You may now donate to my bitcoin if you support me as an artist. 1GNQSAU99WbQc1muoCL2ep64YSWQ2dXVJH

Guatemala City
Mar 2018
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