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Infosec researcher, martial arts teacher

Sup i'm a loser outta nowhere that likes good Rap music,Porn,and just bout anything society thinks isn't normal so yeah i'm hella fucked up but its good though.😉

Welcome to my brainstorm. An amalgamation of thoughts and information I find useful in these weird times.

A north Jersey ruffian turned Upstate recluse. A new idea cannot be grafted on a closed mind.

Binder is an inter-dimensional artist of the soul, weaving the depths of organic textures--mixed with electronic beats--created with intention and wisdom...As an artist and human, he's been developing and evolving himself, coming deeper and deeper into alignment, purpose and, wholeness...and this journey shines through his music and his presence: "When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 creating music began to take on a much different meaning. Creating music is no longer about achieving a certain level of so-called success, It's a path of diving deep into the depths of my being and giving a voice to what needs to be heard and expressed through me, understanding that I am simply a conduit for the communication that's passing through me...the wonders of sound is the source and is what unlocks keys of transcendence that provide space for empowerment and healing."

I make graphic art/illustration. I designed & taught. RedBubble makes my illustrations/graphic arts into over 70 useful products. (There, please scroll down to their lower left menu) Discount codes available if you wire 1 Token per month.

Dec 2018
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