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PayMonk is promoted by a team of experienced professionals from leading Global IT & Payments companies having over two decades of experience. The promoters and leadership team have extensive experience in multiple domains and technologies in North America, Europe, India and Africa.

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Looking 4 D Extraordinary N D Ordinary

Toothtapping Corp gives you a full mouth approach to fresh breath. No need to mask your bad breath when you can heal it with our products like Breathealer gel, bamboo toothtapper, tooth powder, and breathealer mint mouth freshener.

Secular centrist views on national news and other current events. No centrist does not mean fence sitting. That’s a child’s understanding. Centrism is simply not deferring to the left or right on any given issue out of default. Sometimes we may side with neither but we go on a case by case basis because we have this wild idea that maybe one side doesn’t hold all the answers.

May 2021
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