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Air Conditioning and Key Components That Require Servicing

coolHVACblogsJul 24, 2019, 2:44:36 AM

Those who understand the heat of summer also understand the joy of air-conditioners. It offers a relief from the hot and sweaty situation. This is however not all they do. Air-conditioners are a must have it every premise to provide proper working conditions even for equipment. With them, a day becomes more tolerable. However, it can be quite a hassle when these handy tools stop working and worse still when you don’t know what to do. For anyone looking to understand how air-conditioners work in this is for you. When considering servicing your air-conditioners, there are a few important components that you must look at, the first being filters. These are the onboard components whose specific function is to catch any particles in the air including dust, smoke and pollen grains. As a result, these filters can get clogged and end up crippling your air conditioner altogether. To service this components means that you clean and perform a routine replacement. On the same note, it’s important to note that when filters are not functioning, they obstruct normal airflow and this ends up increasing their energy consumption of your air conditioner. Additionally, clean filters also prevent any dirt from getting to the air-conditioners condenser and evaporator coils. Do check out elk grove air conditioning info.

The second key component is the coils. as mentioned above, an air conditioner contains an evaporator and condenser coil. When the filters are dirty, the coils also tend to accumulate some significant dirt over time. All the dirt around the coil becomes an insulator and reduces the capacity of the coil to absorb heat. As a result, your air conditioner loses some of its cooling effect. As such, it is important to also take out these coils and clean them of any gathered dirt to increase its effectiveness. The coil fins make up the other component that requires servicing in an air conditioner. These are aluminum fins found in the evaporator and condenser coils which can also be problematic if not checked. Since they are prone to bending, they require constant straightening out. A fin comb is used for the straightening. As a matter of fact, it is not straighten them out perfectly but it is that enough for that to be free airflow through the coil. Given this information, it should now be easier to tell what might be causing problems in an air conditioner just in case you notice it not working properly. This knowledge also helps you to know exactly what to tell a service company when you calling them.  Do make sure to check out info on elk grove commercial air conditioning. Also, do check out these AC  tips and tricks: https://youtu.be/RnAwh2jJ6vA