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Shameless reposter Plus some jokes and opinions The reasoning behind 'Conservative Banana' is that I'm a "white" Asian. If me identifying as a yellow-on-the-outside-white-on-the-inside banana isn't funny to you, then you probably won't like this page.

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- Politically skeptical individualist. - Interested in economics and politics. - Favorite bus: NewFlyer LowFloor Diesel 40-FT - American Negro apathetic agnostic. - Fan of American public transportation.

Life is a Lemon & I want my money Back #RecipeAmericana Denver , Colorado

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Posting All Red Chinas Corruption and injustice Story's

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As a philosophical technologist, Hari is concerned with emerging innovations and how they impact our life. Mr. Seldon spends much time separating the outstanding from the paltry and incorporating only holistic beneficial technologies into his life.

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