Hi folks! It's Commodigi time on Minds. Commodigi produces Blender models for television and video, with a healthy attitude to sharing the goods with anyone who needs 3D assets for their own projects. Most of the Commodigi output finds its way onto Gumroad where a nominal handling charge secures the meshes and maps that were used in the latest productions. Hope you find something useful from over the years!
Professional miniature painter, loves Warhammer, D&D and live streaming. See me live on
I am a digital sculptor who makes 3D printable models. I release a new large scale 3D printable statue each month at
Random Skies is a novel series set in the very, very near future. Unfortunately it started coming true in 2020, and so far, refuses to deviate from the timeline. The very first book was written in 1984 after a reread of Orwell, and was a stand-alone volume called Fury, set in 2057. The first book of the series that became the prequel, Quorum, came years later in 1999 and was a treatment of the hoax surrounding something called 'the millennium bug'. When it wasn't going to be finished by the year 2000, it became irrelevant, but was converted into a futuristic vision of a take-over of the West by an internationalist cabal that preceded Fury. At the time, throwing Quorum forward thirty odd years into the future seemed like a safe bet. Unfortunately, an explanation of the events within Quorum that allowed the novel to take shape, have just spent twenty years coming true. Notes that have steadily been made since Quorum, were arranged into episodes of a television series and the novelisations are now being published. Items that are appearing in the media today, are echoes of scenes in the books. They are posted here as they happen. *** Novels in the first series are available (for now) on Amazon: Vol. 1 No. 01: Quorum Vol. 1 No. 02: Prine's Metropolitan Vol. 1 No. 03: US3R Of The Darknet Vol. 1 No. 04: The Whispers On Carrier X Vol. 1 No. 05: Weaving Spiders Vol. 1 No. 06: Heng Vol. 1 No. 07: Like Love Hate Hate Vol. 1 No. 08: Year Zero Vol. 1 No. 09: Rishek Vol. 1 No. 10: The Zura Contract Vol. 1 No. 11: Dead Man's Switch Vol. 1 No. 12: Binar! *** The first two prequels are now online. Beginning in 2019, when Boris Johnson had just been made Prime Minister of the UK. Vol. 0 No. 01: The End Vol. 0 No. 02: The Notebooks of Philip Street ***
Digital sculptor specializing in 3d printing for tabletop games
Feb 2021
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