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The charismatic dictators that call themselves "The Elite" and their commie world leader minions knew before 1969 that Chinas Wuhans "Lab Made" weaponized corona virus was going to be here someday real soon.....

Anti Corporate Owned News MediaJan 29, 2020, 9:34:33 PM

Could it be coincidental that the movie PANDEMIC was released in 2015 at the same time the corona virus lab made US PATENT No. 10130701 was filed coinciding with the TV Series of PANDEMIC that was JUST released on NETFLIX this week JUST in time for the corona virus lab made US PATENT No. 10130701 which is due to expire around now (2020) ???


Jul 23, 2015 - THE PIRBRIGHT INSTITUTE (look at those time stamps !)

The present invention provides a live, attenuated coronavirus comprising a variant replicase gene encoding polyproteins comprising a mutation in one or more of non-structural protein(s) (nsp)-10, nsp-14, nsp-15 or nsp-16. The coronavirus may be used as a vaccine for treating and/or preventing a disease, such as infectious bronchitis, in a subject.

Full patent for the lab grown weaponized corona virus can be found here:


and...... here........

Coronavirus isolated from humans


Disclosed herein is a newly isolated human coronavirus (SARS-CoV), the causative agent of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Also provided are the nucleic acid sequence of the SARS-CoV genome and the amino acid sequences of the SARS-CoV open reading frames, as well as methods of using these molecules to detect a SARS-CoV and detect infections therewith. Immune stimulatory compositions are also provided, along with methods of their use.


AND HERE ! ! ! !

19 Coronavirus Patents, Going back to the 80s, Filed BEFORE the Wuhan Outbreak


Pandemic Official Trailer 1 (2016) - YouTube



WIPEOUT Coronavirus – Netflix Pandemic doc released TODAY amid fears of another global outbreak like Spanish flu that killed 50m


Pandemic, Netflix series about doctors, scientists fighting viral disease outbreaks, carries a dire warning


You see....................

I, like my fellow open minded free thinking citizen reporters and esoteric peers have spent the last number of years following and exposing the charismatic dictators and sadists known as ''The Elite" along with their liberal minions all hell bent on achieving their worldwide 'Eugenics And Depopulation' agendas.

The majority of the establishments minions aka libtards are completely oblivious to the bigger picture and are unknowingly aiding and abetting in these war crimes and other crimes against humanity due to their own egoistic personas, ignorance and greed. There are clueless moronic Nazi morons really.

The PTB or 'Powers That Be' will achieve these new totalitarian plans by way of "Propaganda Machines" the nazi's were quiet good at this using their elite owned state broadcasting companies such as the RTE, BBC, ITV, SKY NEWS, CNN and other Mouths Of The Establishment' such as The Sun Newspaper, New York Times, Liberal.ie just to mention a few to help them further their agendas.

While the public are happily distracted the world leaders will be busy with these new PLANS which they are hiding behind the guise of such aliases, abbreviations, acronyms and such other bullshit such as the rouge government United Nations "Agenda 21", "Agenda 2030", "Sustainability Plans", "Sustainability Goals", "WHO", "CDC", "Open Foundation", "Open Society", "Antifa", "Extinction Rebellion", "Climate Change", "New Universal Agenda", "Vision 2050" which are the hoodwinks, smokes and mirrors and drive trains of the TOTALITARIAN WORLD GOVERNMENT after the EUGENICS AND DEPOPULATION PLANS are complete.

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What the world leaders are having a hard time sweeping under the carpet is the fact that they can not find a way to get the general public to turn a blind eye to the blatantly obvious unexplainable world events, the indisputable facts, the unscientific science and unjust evictions, homelessness, sickness, mental health negligence, austerity, healthcare crisis's, cure suppressing , celebrating the LGBT and transgender parade, promoting junk food, advocating "Climate Change", sponsoring 'Green Movements', proposing sustainable technologies , breaking up the "family unit", popularizing porn, enforcing lethal vaccinations, Geo-engineering the weather, increasing the price of fresh produce, lowering the price of poisonous but tasty mouth watering and delicious foods that contain toxic artificial sweeteners , additives, artificial flavors and preservatives alike that wreak havoc on our bodies.... the falsifications of holistic and alternative healths alike, the discrediting of "spirituality", the fobbing off of all things 'positive' as pseudoscience and destroying the characters of all all things beneficial to human health that are detrimental to the profits of the big pharmaceutical companies, big corps and the pockets of their minions.

There is no ifs or buts or 2 ways about it, the elite truly do have all of the angles covered, they might be sloppy in places and they leave breadcrumbs for sure, (we should know, we have followed a few from time to time) but make no mistakes about it, they are even exceptionally better at covering these "Holes in their games up" by masking the crimes and hoodwinking the public with some lame ass propaganda cover up putting the sheep back at ease allowing them to head on right back to their sleepy slumbers where they unknowingly keep these power hungry satanist esoteric individuals in charge.

For example:

Back in 1969, Dr Richard Day made some astonishing predictions about where the world would be today, well more so that Dr Day the NWO insider (or "New Universal Agenda" as the NWO is known today) transcripts were leaked after hes speech back in 1969 against hes wishes (that Dr Day had asked the attendees not to take notes or record what he was about to tell them during that lecture)

but ALL of the information he "gave us" has come true today.


But it seems as if nobody is discussing it, are people oblivious, that indoctrinated ? I am around nearly 40 years and I have never heard a single mention of these revelations until recent years but that is not even the most worrying part for me. The most worrying thing about all of the above for me is the similarities between Dr Richard Days Revelations, the United Nations "Sustainabilty plans", Brussels plan for a nazi european supersate aka "New Universal Agenda" the fact that all of these things have or are unfolding right before our very eyes daily and the consequences for all who dare oppose. The corona virus is no exception.

Look at the following text bolded in red.........

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This is all shocking proof of how unimaginably evil and insane the plans of the NWO globalists are in order to enslave mankind and eliminate billions of people while brainwashing them into mindless robots. Not only that, we see clearly that their old plans have come to fruition in many, many aspects and with this document in hand we understand why property prices have gone sky high all over the world during the last few decades. It has been engineered this way in order to push out young people from the property market and deny them the chance to have their own home and a family. Nuclear terrorism, depopulation, world religion, mass euthanasia, HBTQ, death of the family, vaccines, mass surveillance, free sex, homosexuality, bad food, chip implants, no ownership of property etc etc. They have planned all of these things and the purpose is to enslave mankind after people have become brainwashed enough to accept anything that the MSM tells them to do.

The Corona Virus is no exception:

Remember that part where Dr Richard Day talks about the new difficult to  diagnose and untreatable diseases? Well Bill gates only publicized this in 2017, low and behold Forbes magazine were happy to publish it.......

Bill Gates Warns Of Epidemic That Could Kill Over 30 Million People


and now we are hearing that they already have a VACCINATION ? ! ? ! ? !

How conspicuous.........
All just in time for the United Nations (now cleverly rebranded as The Covenant Of Democratic Nations ) Agenda 2030 plans, (which was formerly known as 'Agenda 21' but has since upped the ante and is now beefed up on steroids)  but that is for another blog...............

The United Nations Plans for a totalitarian Universal Agenda

Dr Day also disclosed that there is close cooperation between the east and the west – the so called communism of the east has the same hidden leaders as the so called capitalist system of the west. It´s the same global power that controls the whole world and the NWO is even called the ”New Order of The Barbarians”. Interestingly the term Barbarians have a striking connection to the Kalachakra prophecy which Dalai Lama endorses across the whole world as ”absolute true”. In that prophecy the Demon King attacks the whole world with his Barbarian followers. This is what Dr Day talked about in 1969 and what he meant by the close cooperation beyond communism between the east and the west.

These events need to be monitored more carefully, it seems that every world leader bar the few populists trying to safegaurd our childrens freedoms and democracies are onboard and if they are we do not have too many good people left fighting our corner nor do we stand a snowballs chance in hell..........

Ominous times.

More interesting read here at minds.com

Viruses, Wuhan and Censorship Causing Uncertainty (Part 1)



The Revelations Of Doctor Richard Day


Back in 1969, Dr Richard Day made some astonishing predictions about where the world would be today


The Revelations of Dr. Richard Day

|Published on: Jul 11, 2016|Categories: "Conspiracy", End Times, NWO|


will know that we have unfortunately been born into a very ominous era whereby we are not only all socially engineered from birth into to charismatic dictators totalitarian "Plans" but we will in fact take part in these "DEPOPULATION PLANS" by unknowingly aiding and abetting nazi type deranged hard left through simple daily tasks

Well we finally have it all worked out, the question that still remains though is, "Now that we know, What can we do about it" ?

The Illuminati Plan to Enslave Americans (1969)


CoronaVirus Patent Number: 10130701

The coronavirus may be an infectious bronchitis virus (IBV).

The coronavirus may be IBV M41.

The coronavirus may comprise an S protein at least part of which is from an IBV serotype other than M41.

For example, the S1 subunit or the entire S protein may be from an IBV serotype other than M41.

The coronavirus according to the first aspect of the invention has reduced pathogenicity compared to a coronavirus expressing a corresponding wild-type replicase, such that when the virus is administered to an embryonated egg, it is capable of replicating without being pathogenic to the embryo.

Here is an interesting comment by the @The-Unhived:Mind here on minds.com

"Viruses are protein solvents so in other words they're biological cleansers to help clean up the biosphere no different to bacteria etc. One can have a virus but if that virus doesn't have its particular food present then one will not feed. So what's the answer? Try to be less polluted by keeping away from the GMO and Junk foods etc. Keep the body detoxified from environmental pollutants and chemicals. If one wants to protect from an outbreak then take the virus either in full form or via a bodily excrement such as nasal mucus and then dilute it and potentise it by making it into a nosode.

The nosode will then have the original algorithm energy signature in a safe natural form which the central nervous system will then help in the process to either create a barrier preventing infection/symptoms or if the virus is already present the nosode will resonant the virus infection to its death. All viruses can be destroyed by physical oxidization such as ozone therapy, hydrogen peroxide, MMS, pharmalogical dosage sodium ascorbate IV. The herb Euph Perf is of much use against viral attacks and even cytokine storms. We don't need all these fancy doctors on silly salaries and all the propaganda nonsense. The solutions are very simple but hidden just so those salaries can continue and people can be culled or made dependent." ~ :The-Unhived:Mind

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