Small Business Owner(Commercial Cleaning)I am a Conservative Constitutional loving Patriotic Flag Waving Gun toting red blooded American Woman, who LOVES her AMAZING husband & 2 kids more than life itself!!! I love going to the Firing range and spending time chilling with my hubby. We’re married 22 years with plans for 22+ more😍 I have 2 cats and a pit bull who are all spoiled like babies... I ADORE THEM ALL ❤️I AM opinionated with no regrets & fluent in English & Sarcasm!! Happy & Frree no Commie will take that from me!!!
I’m like making online shows. I made the Corridor Crew show for Corridor Digital I helped reshape Indy Mogul I helped start a behind the scenes show for BRCC I’m a minimalist, autistic, and love D&D. I’ve started and tun my own Dungeons and Dragons Show dedicated to creating a dramatic long form show based off improv & dice rolling. I have a podcast with a couple friends where we debate over fictional characters in film, tv, and books to find out what D&D class they actually are. I’m trying to make my own conversational based podcast to help me get better at conversations and learn more from people around me. I’m hoping this show is something that can help improve my life, improve my social skills, and ability to listen to people i disagree with.
Bañada por las aguas plateadas del Océano Atlántico ofrece una bellísima estampa que le ha ocasionado el sobrenombre de "la tacita de plata"
Uncaring asshat Each week, Dr. Richard Benton, Fr. Marc Boulos and guests discuss the content of the Bible as literature. On Tuesdays, Fr. Paul Tarazi presents an in-depth analysis of the biblical text in the original languages.
Taqtik Health simplifies access to high-quality, affordable healthcare without boundaries and restrictions, that is price transparent and powered by connected patients who want to take control of their healthcare.
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