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Thoughts and memes from germany

Having observed that the advent of music has influenced the hearts and minds of the present generation of youth, which is detrimental, it is also the observation that music, in like manner, can have a very positive influence on the same group. Music, thus, can be utilized as a tool of intellectualism and inspiration rather than a means of blinding the minds of the youth merely for money. Thus, it is purposed with me that I may war against the elements of the current state of music and its influence; because at some point, someone at least has to try with sincerity if anything will ever change.

Gracias por estar en el lado positivo,disfruten de este gran viaje por este Planeta por mas movido y retorcido que se vuelva que los "ara"...pero como dice Yanina ... le dejáramos el beneficio de la duda a nuestro hermoso Planeta y a la Humanidad que lo habita,por ahí nos sorprende con algo mucho mejor de lo que nos imaginamos 😄😄😄😄😄 un gran y risueño abrazo para todos

New York
Aug 2016
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