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How to Choose a Cloud Storage Service Provider

cloudstorageoptionsAug 31, 2018, 3:04:23 AM

Cloud storage is a computing model charged with storing data on the internet. This is made possible via the cloud computing provider who manages and operates data storage as a service. You can purchase cloud storage from a cloud vendor. Benefits that accrue when you use cloud storage include low cost, high durability and high scale to backup and recovery solutions. Therefore, the following factors will assist you in choosing the most appropriate cloud storage service vendor:

Initially, assess their level of reliability and performance. The cloud storage vendor should be in a position to efficiently and effectively deal with downtime issues so that you can quickly continue with your activities. Settle for a provider who has a well laid out plan on how to deal with downtime challenges. Ensure the provider has remedies when service issues arise. In addition to that, the performance of the cloud service provider needs to be on well-proven track records to aid in your assessment and review. 

Secondly, look into the mode of data management and security of your possible data storage service providers. Then after ensuring you settle for a provider that gives you choice and control about the jurisdiction in which you will store, process and manage your data. Moreover, the cloud storage provider needs to be transparent about their data center sites and their ability to protect the data should be well enhanced. Good providers ensure that the access to data within the cloud is limited to unauthorized persons.

Consider the cost charges rates of all your options. It is because most cloud storage service providers charge differently for their services depending on either their level of experience or other factors. Generally, some will be expensive than others. Therefore as a new client, ensure you choose a provider who fits within your financial capacity and budget plan. It will prevent you from facing pocket strains and stress. Read more at hubstor.net.

Thoroughly look into the variety of service options availed by the cloud storage service provider. Examples of services include backup, disaster recovery, file sharing and collaboration, archiving and near-line storage among others. Choose a cloud storage service provider that offers a large pool of services that are compatible with your exact needs so that you can settle for your most preferred cloud service options. This is because they save you the time and hustle of looking for other cloud storage service providers.

Lastly, look into the certifications and standards of the cloud storage service provider. For you trust and feel comfortable with the services, you are offered to ensure that the provider you select has complied with recognized standards and quality frameworks across the industry. This page has more info: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/26/google-drive-cloud-storage-service_n_1452192.html.