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Ways That You Can Backflush and Clean Your Espresso Machine

cleaningespressomachinesApr 8, 2019, 8:08:45 AM

There are normally lots of factors that work together to ensure that you get to pull a terrific shot of espresso. When you are shooting for that, you often focus on having the right bean, perfect grind and even tamping evenly among other steps. However the forgotten factor that you need to realize most is the cleanliness of the machine, many people usually forget the cleaning procedures. If you would like to extract and enjoy a great taste, you will need to ensure that you get to know the method that will work for you well when you clean. We are here to help you know how you can spend your five minutes in cleaning your home espresso machine. Make sure to check out this product as an option. 

The starting point is with the use of water and detergent backflushing. Any day that the machine is used, you need to ensure that you carry out a water backflush, however, if you would like to manage it in a week, it would just be necessary. Experts will tell you that those machines that use the E61 group heads will need to be backflushed every once or twice in a month. If you consider back flushing especially in monthly or so routines, you will be able to save much time when you are making a great shot. The procedure for removing the screen is easy and can be analyzed with ease, and it has been considered in this case. You'll want to get more info on coffee brush options here. 

After removing the screen, now the other step is scrubbing it for more cleaning. You will realize that there is going to be some build-up grime which needs to be removed from the inside of the screen and the group head. Using a wet and warm rag as well as a brush will remove all the unwanted buildup. If there is any hardened coffee grounds or debris, it will all be removed by the rag that you use for the cleaning. If you need to use a brush, just ensure that it is not one with any hard bristles. This is to avoid damaging the inside of the screen and other sensitive parts.

Lastly, the last procedure is about reinserting the important screen. Having the inside of the screen and the group, reinserting the screen using the same procedure that you used when removing it is the last procedure. Make sure you have the right tools for doing this task so that you can screw the screen back to its position and in a manner which it cannot fall apart. Here's how a coffee machine can be cleaned: https://youtu.be/b_6TxWh82O0