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Benefits of Backlashing an Espresso Machine

cleaningespressomachinesApr 8, 2019, 8:08:43 AM

Espresso machines are made of different components. The coffee itself is vital, which is supported by a number of barista`s techniques. However, people tend to downplay the possibilities of having foul flavors that a poorly maintained espresso machine can produce. If you have been using an espresso machine, with time, you will notice that the taste of the coffee produced is not as pure as it was when you bought the espresso. This happens more so when you don’t service the machine. For an espresso to produce the desired taste, it needs to be subjected to routine cleaning. However, cleaning does not only involve wiping down the drip tray and running water over the potafilters but also implies the removal of impurities in the machine. This is where you need to use an espresso machine backflush detergent.

Many times, people have the wrong idea of what a backflush can accomplish. The cleaner plays a critical role in cleaning the shower screen and many of the inside parts of an espresso. Suppose one doesn’t clean the machine well, the contamination of shots from the built-up oils will tamper with the taste of the coffee. Backflushing is vital in cleaning the passageways from where brew water is added above the shower screen all the way through the valve and the drain tray. The distance of the path varies depending on the type of machine one has. When the pathway is not backflushed, it will slowly be filled with solidified oils which will eventually stop the flow. This is something you'll want to learn more of. 

Most espresso machines that don’t have a three-way valve had a tendency of spraying hot water or coffee all over when the pressure was not allowed cool before the portafilter is removed. Such machines were cleaned by physically disassembling each part. However, with the invention of the three-way valve espresso machines, you do not have to go through all that work, instead, you can use backflushing tools to remove the debris from the pathway. Do check out these solutons.

When you want to clean your machine, you will need certain tools. First, you need to have a group cleaning brush, which is a special brush meant for cleaning around the shower screen of the espresso machine. Besides, it is a good idea to have a blind filter of a backflushing membrane. A blind filter is a filter basket that has no holes. Lastly, you can get detergent. However, it is worth noting that not any detergent is applicable, you need to get an espresso machine detergent. Here's how you can repair a clogged coffee machine: https://www.reference.com/home-garden/repair-clogged-coffee-machine-9eabdd6c072f9309?aq=coffee+machine&qo=similarQuestions