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Nobody Told Me There Would Be Days Like These

The clouds are close to the ground, and the wind has lost it's sound, the ocean's empty and the world is turning upside down.

"You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody's crazy. " - Uncle Charlie

I’m just a Lost Pagan trying to make my way in the galaxy.

We are a united group of White Nationalists, dedicated to preserving our people. What are our goals? Our goals are to unite all pro white organizations together as 1 unit to achieve the same goal, save our people, and close our boarders to non whites. Unite The Right was a great concept until violent activists came in and spoiled the message. We aim to bring back the non violent marches that were somewhat present during the night before the disaster of a rally at Charlottesville Virginia. Non violent activism works. People were coming out of their dorms to march alongside our people. We were finally coming together. We wish to truly unite all of the groups together under 1 temporary banner. Marching together under 1 uniform, 1 banner, and 1 uniform set of rules and regulations. Our enemies are united as 1, with a common goal, to end our existence, while we are fractured, arguing over which political group is better, and which approach is the best. No longer shall we fight among each other. People like the ChristChurch attacker did more harm than good. Instead of uniting people to the cause, he turned the majority of people against us, getting their firearms banned, and a target on their back. Our rules will be coming soon

Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.~A H~ Save our people by unifying all that is noble in Nationalism with all that is serviceable in Socialism. ~Sir Oswald Mosley~ Third positionist


Hello my fellow Enlightened Americans and Europeans I am National Socialist a man who believes in freedom of speech, patriotism, and traditional family values. I am scholar who is particularly interested in Roman and European history since the birth of western civilization originated there and I believe as civilized man we shouldn't allow ourselves to intimidated by Jewish violence which is plaguing society today so I am here to take a stand against these Traitors so that we rise again and let Western Civilization persevere. I am also a man of action that is why I admire and idolize man such as George Lincoln Rockwell and Sir Oswald Mosley because they were man who were patriotic and loyal to there country and there race, and they wanted to help better the lives of there fellow man, and they wanted to end the Jews monopoly on banking, economics, politics, education, media, Food, and industry which lead to dire consequences such as exporting jobs and then forcing free trade and giving away our own money and sovereignty away to these Globalist bastards who wish to suck as dry until were dead and destroyed like all the other third world countries they destroyed but by God Sir they shall not destroy America and Europe so help me god I will fight them anytime anywhere just so we can keep our fatherlands White!!!!!! The National Socialist movement is the movement to save White Western Civilization in America, Europe , and the Dominions as those are our people's homelands and we shall stick to preserve it and see our people also can progress and expand so that we can then regain our former position in the world as the most developed and powerful race on plane earth. The economic system must be reformed so that small minority of Jews or other deviant elements can't not manipulate or control the economic system or the wealth generated from it to exploit to there own advantage. We must increase industrialization in our country to create Jobs for our people and increase our production capabilities to revitalize infrastructure which is neglected in America and our Civilian Economy which is the backbone of this country as it propels our people's development technically, socially, and provides the ability to account for own people's well being and prospects. The economy should also have constraints on the manufacturers, businesses, and owners from either squeezing and exploiter there own workers or exporting jobs overseas.

Ethno-Nationalist | Pro-2A | Pro-Life(mostly) | Close the border | Deport them all | No more wars for Israel | Tall fences make good neighbors | 1488 Torn between Norse Paganism and/or Christianity. White Ethnonationalist Pagans and Christians need to work together against greater evils. No more brother wars. We have bigger concerns.

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Nov 2018
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