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Dr Travis Fisher opened Genesis Chiropractic in August 2015 to provide high-quality health care to the Singapore community. After opening Lifestyle Chiropractic in Jakarta, Indonesia and seeing his practice grow, Dr Travis wanted to share the natural healing of chiropractic with other areas of Asia. Visit: https://www.genesischiropractic.sg/about-us

Hello everyone. I'm new on this platform. Today my ego is not based on this project, but if you support me, I will make your projects worthy of your pride. To my subscribers. Thank you for your views, votes, comments and reminds. If it wasn't for you interection, this channel wouldn't exist. I hope you enjoy my content, as much as I enjoy yours!

Christopher Butler (JesusCoins) *Red Wine drinker - weed smoker - Boat-club living -cryptographic blogger -**lover of Jesus Christ** Favorite Crypto.... >>>> **STEEMIT** Favorite Exchange to date: **Openledger** Most hated exchange... by me! :expressionless: >>> **Coinbase** **Creator of [JesusCoins](https://wavesdrop.com/?asset=GNunyqismPvqBwbcbtztEZ8C46eGQjMXmEfWbFBsHUQw)**</center>; **My Background:** I have been in the bitcoin market now for about 7 years and have never looked back, only forward. As most of you may know, it is not easy to understand blockchain technology and especially if you don't have a background in computers. That is why I am here and I'm sure everyone else is as well. I spend a lot of time on Steemit and love everything about it!! It's amazing and intriguing to know that our personal data is worth more than what we are getting from centralized websites. **Job Skills:** Novice Coder - Blockchain Pro - Sales - Contracting ( Flooring, Roofing ) $HatWhite/Gray** **Social Media Sites:** http://steemit.com/?r=christoryan http://bitshares.openledger.info https://freebitco.in/?r=16005000 https://www.minds.com/SteemJesus **Bitcoin Address:** 18d7YynWANN3Cf9pMZbB8j63wQye3XFakv **Ethereum Address:** 0x02DC1E61F7B48E74458451dce1D10E0Eab44D31F **Steem Address: @christoryan** **EOS Address** **Doge Address:** **Bitshares Address:** @christoph3 **BitcoinCash Address:** **Litecoin Address:** LNB1w4tVH5ZxEtjAcxitDyXDdpA4N3V1xK **XMR Address:** 55bb41fccf256f69 **Domains:** https://Esteemcash.com https://floorprosuss.com https://steemflooring.com **Websites:** **Links:** *Interested in Woman* https://www.minds.com/SteemJesus

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Hey, I'm R4PTOR. I see a stark resemblance of 1932 Germany today in America. The near- identical cancerous cells that once destroyed many great nations now erode mine. The timeless and somewhat cliche quote that history repeats itself is 100% true. I am NOT a Hitler apologist. History has been muddied too much for me to trust with 100% of either sides "truth".We are never taught what exactly it is that ruined Rome. Or Egypt. Or Russia. Or Germany or any of the other Cultures that decayed from the inside out. They never mention the all too common factor that every single one has... I know what many will think. "Ah shit heres another one". Ok. Prove me wrong. Prove that Jews dont overwhelmingly control ALL aspects of life. From entertainment and news. To politics and religion. Prove to me that the Banking cartels owned and controlled by Jews dont completely ruin countries with hyperinflation and debt. Prove to me that A rabbi doesn't suck a babies penis after he chops half of it off. (Adrenochrome addicts?) Prove to me that the Talmud (which too many Jews adhere to) isnt a Racist, pedophilia ridden shit stain on the very concept of the written word. “The victor will always be the judge, and the vanquished the accused.” -Göring Discord: R4PTOR#8461

Dec 2019
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