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Christian, husband, father of four, author of Five Principles, host of The Assent Podcast, founder of Assent Services, healthcare CFO, and an outdoor enthusiast.
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Thinker of thoughts, and lover of beauty. "Normal is wierd and weird is normal. Wierd is normal and normal is weird." Aca Stephens IV I like to study anything that can be learned. Philosophy is the passion. Religion is the words. Truth is truth. "The only sovereign that can rule me is reason" Terry Goodkind
Creature of #nerdkind. Breaker of rules #Male #Pureblood #VeteranOfThePsychicWars For all the investing offers, I do all my own stunts and my own investing. To all the grifters, crypto, or i make this much from home scammers, ill block you before you ever get a click or a follower sees it. Losers no one is buying your lies.
Mar 2022
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