19, I'm a Musical Artist, Mentor, Investor, Video Editor, Album Art Designer, Writer, & amazing dumbass *inhales bong* 馃専 @mt_kitsune Discord:Chockky Doggie#6866) --

I like to joke around and speak my mind.

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Exiled From 4chan Then Twitter GG Supporter

Twitter refugee. Fascist hungarian landlord, who also has an unhealthy obsession with ED and panty shots.

I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a girl who looked good, I would call her, I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a six-four Impala . . .

Doctorate in Loliology, with a minor in Oppai Physics | 18+ account | Bi | Born to horny, life is hell | DMs always open to chat | @DesuExMachina42 on Twitter

21 year old autist that likes Blue Moon and Dos Equis @Sparkpoodle1 on twitter this site is way better Can't find a header

Just your friendly neighborhood drinkin' buddy. Pro-White Nationalist, Dixie Nationalist, Southern Separatist, in that order. Yankees, fags, troons, commies, whatever that hate the South, stay out. I'd gladly die for the South no problem. You couldn't pay me to die for the "United" states though. Not in a million years. I went by DondikCompany, BlackLungReborn, DrunkBastard97, BlackLungRedux, ThatBartender, dixie_drunkard, and currently, dixie_bartender on t****er dot com Just tryin' to make it on this bitch of an earth. I'll post gaming and anime related content. I post playthroughs every now and again. Gonna leave the politics to RM's. Commies, BLM, ACAB, need not interact, and will remain blocked on sight. NSFW shows up around here. You've been warned. COMPLETED PLAYTHROUGHS: 1. Super Star Wars [SNES, LucasArts/Sculptured Software - 1992] 2. Super Empire Strikes Back [SNES, LucasArts/Sculptured Software - 1993] 3. Super Return of the Jedi [SNES, LucasArts/Sculptured Software - 1994] 4. PITFALL: The Mayan Adventure [SNES, Activision - 1994] 5. EARTHWORM JIM: Special Edition [SEGA CD, Shiny Entertainment - 1995] CURRENT PLAYTHROUGH: N/A GAB alternate just incase (Mostly inactive): DM for Discord, Steam, and other links.

Jan 2021
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