I am just an individual interested in Jewelry, the luxury industry and news related to specific brands.💎👌🏻

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Hi, I am Ann from Marble Falls USA. My Current job is an Auditing clerk in Kragen Auto Parts company. Offered guidance and mentorship to new employees, volunteers, and interns who have been assigned to related tasks. I have 3-year experience in Lease Copier Machine in Dallas. My great experience in this company. I love yoga, listening to music, reading history books.

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I am just a guy who runs a motel & cottages from spring-fall and then I spend winters traveling around, visiting family and putting in some free time into the community. My wife and I have a cattle dog that has been with us for 8 years, Kiwi, and we are expecting our first child soon. All I want is to be free to live my life the way I see fit without harming anyone else. I believe that freedom is more important than anything because without it, would life really be worth living? My wife and I have a small place in the town of Mulege in Baja California Sur and can often be found at one of the four famous rotary events that our club puts on each year. I really wish the best for everyone and honestly believe that together we thrive much more than alone.

Mark Price Dream Pond: Lost in a world from a dream that never was, or could it be reality in the land of just because?!? If you are one of the musicians looking for some of the odd ball fingerings I use, it was easier to show than to tell. The vids are under (M1 at the Pond) The ones with the old poster drawing of the JETZ (1972-1978) And (Pa4X at the Pond) the ones with the Cave Organ It started in Michigan with music. X-Navy (SteamPunk), Retired Telco, still music. Now it's made in Texas! Rough bits and pieces. Kind-a Early American Wedding Band with a touch of Twang! Instrumental interpretations, not intended for vocals, mostly. Tuned to 432hz "I am what I am, that's all that I am." Love, Light & Abundance, for all.

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