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All You Need To Know About Color Accounting Certification

certifiedaccountingservicesDec 4, 2019, 1:31:56 AM

Color accounting is primarily designed to simplify the learning of the fundamentals of accounting. It comes as an augmentation of the ordinary accounting and is not intended to replace the conventional accounting practice. The color accounting certification uses all the attributes of the conventional classroom-based model but with the advantage of learning accounting at your own pace and time. It involves the use of color as an augmentation on how financial statements are prepared and presented. It has a graphical format that helps the learner to clearly visualize the financial documents, especially the balance sheet and income statement, in the most memorable way.

People are more neurologically capable of dealing with colors more effectively than using ups and downs or lefts and rights. For example, the use of yellow and green is particularly used to represent credits and debits, which confuses some people as they begin to learn accounting fundamentals conventionally. When it comes to the conventional T-accounts, you need to be very good handling the lefts and rights with respect to the debits and credits. The directions involved make a poor replacement for quantifications.

The use of color accounting eliminates this confusion. The same color usually denotes an increase in the account, while a different color means a decrease. This way, the student is not distracted by such confusion, which is common when learning debits and credits. The use of purple color denotes a profit and explains the connection between the income statement with the balance sheet. This relationship can easily be grasped and memorized with a glance. The utility if colors in this kind of accounting are what makes it quite attractive.

The color accounting certification participants can be small businesses or large multinationals and is ideal for accounting professionals irrespective of whether they are beginners or CPA certified. The certification enables accountants to pass information effectively to people who might not traditionally have a background in accounting.

The color accounting modules cover areas that include an introduction to the course, foundations of accounting literacy, accounting comes alive and financial storytelling and analysis. If you want to learn more about the content and modules, visit the color accounting certification site. The color accounting certification helps grasp accounting principles quickly visually and with the use of numbers. This offers the best opportunity for accountants to communicate effectively to people outside this field. Discover more about accounting at  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accounting.