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Near Death Hell Experiences

Mahesvara, the Ultimate Supreme Principle, is Prabuddha, the Supreme Intelligence, Wisdom, All-awareness, the Awakened, All-enlightenment, expanded Consciousness, and the Supreme Pervader. Purusa, one step below Mahesvara is All-awareness and the Awakened. Jiva is Buddhiman with less awareness and awakening, compared to Purusa. In his male form, he is whole without attributes (Niskala); in his female form he is parts with attributes (Sakala): (Brahma with Rajas and) creative power, (Vishnu with Sattva and) sustaining power, and (Rudra with Tamas and) destructive power. Niskala form is Brahman and transcendent and Sakala form is manifest Brahman and phenomenal.

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I am the wife of Albert Parsons. If you don't know that you are not a revolutionary.

Auteur compositeur interprète Sur cette page, je partage des photos que j'ai recueilli depuis plusieurs années sur des sites "Royalty free". Il est probable que certaines photos n'aient pas ce statut et je ne peut vérifier sur les sites d'origine car certains n'existent plus. Avisez-moi dans ce cas d'une image non permise... Pour trouver la référence d'une photo, utilisez Google image et encouragez le propriétaire si possible! :)

We Are Anonymous. We Are Collectivists. We Are Etheric Operators. We Are ProjecT MayhEM TheGame23. Welcome to THE PROJECT, you found your way back to IT!

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