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Gator N' Frog Hey there. I'm Frogg, One of the mascots for What is Gator n' Frog you say? Well basically, it a pod with nerds for nerds, in their moms the basement. They eat SpaghettiOs and generally talk about games and other strange news type things. Come over and have a listen. pssssst.... I hear that they also do giveaways.

Hello loves馃槉馃槉 I'm 19 years old and a freshman in collage who aspires to be a teacher and a fictional writer. I'm a very open person who loves learning from others and the world. However due to my busy schedule I'm Not on as much as I would like to be, but I always try to respond and stay active when I have the time. I started on this site in early 2018, while in my last year of high school. Through my high school senior AP Literature and Composition class, I rediscovered my love for writing and who I want to be as a writer. I use this site to share my work with you all, so you can help me improve and maybe I can't help you馃槝but also as a way to communicate and share ideas with a wide variety of intelligent people 馃馃槝 Can find me on Facebook at the following link.

Gamer, Graphic Artist, Aspiring Content Creator, Demon. Pro-GamerGate. Anti-Censorship. Using my YouTube/Twitch channels as a tool for growth as well as an outlet for my hobbies and social interaction. :) SubscribeStar

My name is TyeDye, the cat poop eating Italian Greyhound Opinionated about everything Owners have no clue High strung by nature My owners won't find me here Fuck dog food, gimmee the left overs My owners are a single father of three

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Hi welcome, my profile is a collection of cool things I find on Minds and the web. If I like something I will post it or if I see something that needs to be talked or shared amongst the Minds community. Into photography, art, science, nudism, equality for all, fun and laughs. There will be the odd bit of nudity and adult themes R18 Please Subscribe.....Enjoy the ride. My Groups: R18 All Things Adults Do In The Dark Selfies -Nude and Sexy R18 Tiny House Movement

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In Soviet Russia, election hacks you!

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