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Gator N' Frog Hey there. I'm Frogg, One of the mascots for What is Gator n' Frog you say? Well basically, it a pod with nerds for nerds, in their moms the basement. They eat SpaghettiOs and generally talk about games and other strange news type things. Come over and have a listen. pssssst.... I hear that they also do giveaways.
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Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life.

Proff is a celebrated author and blogger with experience writing for international magazines and news media. He has written thousands of articles for both online and print media.

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Professional tomfoolerist. Poster of memes and bad takes. Politik-brain on detox.

Rajash Karmakar Entrepreneur, Event Management Professional, Cryptocurrency Investor & Social Media Influencer!

Mar 2018
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