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Editor-in-chief of the Anti-Media. Peace and freedom activist by way of AM, Youtube, yoga, meditation, and personal healing.
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Views100.98k "Taxes are extortion and theft." "You were never taught how to be 'free', you were only 'told' that you are free." "...the revolution isn't digital."

Internet dissident at war with censorship. Founder of @TheAntiMedia

Est 8/9/16 •I love America more than you •Obedience isn't American •Hostility towards tyranny •Stick around, prove me wrong

Independent media for women who give a f*ck. Worldwide reports curated and written by women, for women. It's time to get greedy, ladies. #SomethingForHer

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Founder of G3 Group Activist, philanthropist, individualist Telegram:

The only way to maintain objectivity is to nail your own balls to the center / world politics is my favourite pastime / I only offer counterarguments / admirer of the creative individual / get your groupthink out of my face ! / balance only resides within relativity / the right of the people to post and create memes shall not be infringed / free will does not exist / censorship is the worst / ideological extremism is a poison / the Streisand effect is real / quality management representative / security engineering specialist / firearms instructor / criminal law lecturer by day / meme fetishist by night / dark edgy humor pls / anger issues / constitutionalist / pretentious whisky sommelier / i collect art, comics & ties / veteran / my mind operates in 3 languages / interculturally competent / beholder of internet wisdom / comicbook enthusiast / servant of the great Chin Chin / servant of the great Kek / servant of the great C´thulhu / 2015/16/17/18 years for the nihilistic misanthrope #FreedomForAssangeNowGodDamnIt my favourite groups Minds Vets ridiculous stuff found online Dark Humor

No pienso fuera de la caja, cada caja es diferente Has guitar, will travel

Los Angeles, CA
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Oct 2018
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