Daily dose of Classic Cars, many of them listed on sale.
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Conservative, love science, freedom and individualism. I hate everything related to communism, collective thinking and equity.

Individuality, liberty and freedom of speech above all.

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#Subscribe #Remind #Entertainment #Comics Topics: current events, news, commentary, entertainment, anthropology, creature, crop circles, cryptozoology, divination, entertainment, discovery, supernatural, folklore, government, labyrinths, legend, radio, archeology, monster, mystery, myth, paranormal, conspiracy, internet radio, aliens, ruins, science, urban legends, strange, UFO, & the unexplained

Everyone gets a chance. My opinion of others is based solely upon behavior and actions. Everyone is an individual but some have fallen into the collectivist lie. I don't blame others for my shortcomings or misfortunes. Fuck supremacists of ANY kind. This is a free speech and entertainment platform. Nothing I do here can or will be construed as anything other than entertainment or satire, regardless of what you or anyone says to the contrary. Free speech is not a crime! Learn HOW to research, learn how to AVOID biased sources, DO the required research, and then LEARN HOW to DEBATE. ANYTHING improperly studied is merely VAPOR. You will receive no audience here. I will not dignify ignorance. I'm not a member of the two-party system. I believe in the Constitution of The United States of America and that's as far as that goes. Thank you and carry on! Oh, and just so the assholes who bitch and moan about people reminding their own posts, I do it for a friend of mine with cerebral palsy so she has an easier time viewing my posts; that way they're all on one page. Get over yourselves.

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Interests,Truth Media, Classic Cars, Home & Garden, Naturopathy, Aviation. Visit my Covid-19 Truther Channel Information & Research Technologist Channel photo, stage performance musical, David The Endless Throne Begins

Mar 2020
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