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This is life, remixed in the form of design, illustration, animation & beats. ✖️✖️✖️ Visual explorations: Studio work: ✖️✖️✖️ Subscribe for daily, moving fragments and visual thoughts. You can also subscribe to my creative studio's channel: @knotably and also join my new groups: Curated Visuals: Vintage Treasures: Wires & Tokens are highly appreciated.

Artist • Painter • Marbling • Mixed media ✨All artworks posted are my original handmade creations.✨ Please message for any commission artwork requests. Please subscribe to my artistic journey & thanks for the support •👁•

Hi, I'm Emma. Owner of Artful Goose, bringing art and play together. I'm a London based artist offering private art lessons, art as therapy to mainstream and specialist students. As well as pouring pixie dust and magic into the lives of our next generation of artists, I also do presentations on the advantage of art through therapy and play for all levels of mental illness and terminal illnesses. If you broke me in half, like a stick of rock, I would have artist in bright colours throughout my inners. Welcome to my world xxx

Knotably is a Visual / Motion content studio based in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles. On this channel we'll share some of our studio work, BTS and everything else that inspires us to create. Poetry over memes. Subscribe for eye candy. Our Co-founder / Creative Director is here too: @thisisnotaloop

independent musician ------------------ prog --- lofi --- jazz --- mathrock ------------------- find my music here:

NASA on Minds fan page.

Ade T. About Me : Relaxed , Love Art , Pinball , Vid games . UK based @r3k4b - thank you for the support :) .@leahsaban - thank you for the support @mindsplus - thanks for the support :) @chesschats - thanks for all the support @RedDragonLS thanks for all the support @dsynegrafix - thanks for the support - God bless. @darrenatherton - thank you for the support:) @Art_Lover81 - Thank you for the support :) Thank you to everyone who has supported me by way of wires / tokens or just commenting ;)

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I have a lot of stories I want to tell. They will be mainly comics, to start with. Some take place in fantasy worlds, others in post-apocalyptic wastelands, and many in space. ​ So I need speed. And I need to be able to paint anything. That is why I am completing 1000 paintings.

Fine Arts Words are limited by their meaning and art expresses the abstraction of human perception.

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