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My name is Jori H. and I'm a young Finnish solo-indie-gamedev, digital artist, metal musician. INTJ. Aspiring polymath. Owner of Err0rC0degames. Creator of games including The Corpse Crusade and The Ghost Station. Commissions open.

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Ricky Berwick
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Your not so normal video entertainer.

Currently MIA (making videos and playing Halo) Stuck in Venezuela/ Mina Ashido enjoyer/ COO of the Poor Boys™ I also make videos:

I'm drawing random things. Cioccolata is great character My Instagram : shapeless.abyssal.stand My Twitter is: Nocni_Mura3

Whats up my N-words! We’re in here!

'sophie' // 2D & 3D artist // raised in jiangsu, china & honolulu, hawai'i // mandarin speaking, learning english // i will post artwork sometimes here

Entertainer and showman, seltzer water appreciator, good at playing video games, bad at toasting marshmallows. Reviews at @Firesidereviews YouTube:

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