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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in San Francisco

cannabisdispensariesblogNov 5, 2018, 5:07:14 PM

The federal government of the United States of America has listed marijuana as an illegal substance under the controlled substance act. Nonetheless, many states in the USA have made an exception to this rule. In many States, marijuana is considered legal when it is being used for medical reasons. The vendors of medical marijuana undergo scrutiny and adhere to regulations in their respective states. Only then can they be allowed to sell this product. Early this year the city of San Francisco permitted the sell medical marijuana. Medical marijuana in San Francisco has to be distributed by licensed dispensaries.

First and foremost, the aspiring medical marijuana vendor has to be licensed by the office of cannabis in San Francisco. For a medical marijuana dispensary to be certified and licensed they have to meet certain conditions. The dispensary is expected to employ qualified employees. These employees may be pharmacists or medical doctors. Equally, the facility is expected to have ample security. The facility is expected to strictly admit patients who referred to them by qualified doctors. This security is enforced both inside and outside the building. The storage area for marijuana is restricted and accessed by authorized personnel only. The medical marijuana dispensaries are expected to install security cameras in and out of the building. Additionally, they are expected to safe keep this security footage for a stipulated time.

Any patient visiting a medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco will be asked to produce his or her credentials. Once this has been verified they will be allowed into the dispensary and ushered into a waiting area. Thereafter they will see a medical practitioner will verify that the patient has been referred by a qualified and licensed doctor to use cannabis for treatment. They after the medical practitioner will access the condition of the patient and recommend the right dosage of the cannabis. The patient has then issued the cannabis and allowed to administer from the facility or from the comfort of their home. The dosage of the marijuana is not usually standard for all patient but will vary in relation to the patient's illness. Check this website to know more!

To avoid the possibility of abuse of the substance, the State of California authority and by extension the city of San Francisco only allows the dispensary to administer this drug for a restricted period of time. If the patient needs to continue with treatment, they are required to go back to their doctor will recommend the extension of treatment. The medical marijuana is administered in form of edibles, vapor patches or oils. Click here to get started!

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