I am a child of the living God, husband, father, son, brother, uncle, nephew, friend, fellow believer, coworker, neighbor, and member of the human race. I bleed red and pledge my allegiance to almighty Father God and my Saviour, Jesus Christ. I am an Advent believer, musician, and conspiracy theorist. I love my family foremost and honor every individual's free rights as a steward of this our world.

Best Selling Author. Lover of hedgehogs & Freedom.

READ THIS BLOG FIRST! https://www.minds.com/blog/view/698672413042286610 Faith, Family, Freedom & Final Thoughts. All links and IDs are real, but I am NOT the real Tomi Lahren. I'll post all her media here, and when she decides to grace us with her presence on minds all she has to do is ask nicely. @Darwyn

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Official Minds channel of The Next News Network. -------------------------------------- Your most trusted liberty media channel for original commentary on news related to geopolitics, global conflicts, economic turmoil, Constitutional issues, US Elections, government corruption, police state, and national headlines. If it affects your freedoms you can bet it will be on The Next News Network presented by Gary S Franchi Jr.

Sitting still, enjoying the calm. In doing so life comes to you.

The Still Report
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The Still Report

Hi I'm Julie I'm a healthcare professional specializing in family practice. I focus on natural remedies and nutrition. My interests are biofeedback therapy.

So much #winning you're going to be sick of #winning! #MAGA - Expert Ranter - NY business mentality - hate #Losers, love #Trump - #DrainTheSwamp

Mar 2018
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