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Guide to Playing Poker Online

calesthane95Aug 31, 2019, 4:22:22 AM

Texas Hold'em Poker is a poker card game that is very popular and popular today. Therefore we are here for Texas Hold'em Poker lovers who are looking for the fairest online poker game Player vs. Player system. Here is a Texas Hold'em Poker Play Guide localplantsource

The basic terms in the game Texas Hold'em Poker:

• Lobby: A place where you can choose a Texas Hold'em Poker room.

• Check: Means checking the value of bets that are on the table.

• Call: Follow the value of bets on the table.

• Call Any: Follow whatever bet value is on the table before your turn to play.

• Fold: Does not follow the value of bets on the table.

• All In: Bet all your chips on the betting table.

• Raise: Increase the bet value as you wish.

Initial step :

After you login using your username and password, a column will appear where you can choose which LINE you will play in. After the process you only need to choose at the betting table where you want to play.

Rules of Play:

First, you will be given 2 cards then if all players say CALL / CHECK, then the dealer opens the cards one by one (if there is a raise, the card will not be opened by the dealer until all players say CALL / CHECK) and so on.

A card with a higher value beats a card with a lower value. Example: Card value 2 will lose by 3, 3 lose by 4, and so on until As (ACE).

• The highest card value (High Card), however, will lose with a combination of cards called "One Pair".

• "One Pair" loses to "Two Pair"

• "Two Pair" Lost with "Three of a Kind"

• "Three of a Kind" Lose with the "Straight" you play.

• "Straight" Lose with "Flush"

• "Flush" Lose with "Full House"

• "Full House" Lost to "Four of a Kind".

• "Four of a Kind" Lose with "Straight Flush".

• "Straight Flush" Lose with "Royal Flush".