Game developer. Character Artist. Disciple Of Jesus. VERY Unprofessional | Lead Programmer on Mariposa and the Galaxy Man Follow my work:

Just a guy that wants to see the world return to normalcy. The way to normalcy is decentralization.

Brief But Interesting Movie Clips From Different Kinds Of Movies

'Kindly remember: the ridiculous hype that offends so many is not of my making.'

Cristian Sabarre
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Comicbook Colorist from the Philippines. Liberty Loving Pinoy Portfolio:

Just a guy voyaging the vast ocean that is the internet. Loves animation, art, cinema, vidya, politics, philosophy. Getting interested in comics and novels. Formerly @Amberrosia on Parler.

Rabid Savage
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I mostly talk about video games and plan on making videos soon. I welcome discussion of all ideas. Remember, you can't always wait for games to find you. I've found so many games that I love when I started looking, but it's still not always easy. Which is why it's extremely important to promote what you love, so that others with shared interests can find it too, allowing it to grow.

Game Artist/Designer creating retro games. Co-founder of BitBeamCannon. Artist of DaemonClaw. Lead artist for RetroMania Wrestling.

I print minis and props on my resin and FDM printers. I show my results here.

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