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Types of Light Bulb

buyhuebulbsSep 12, 2019, 10:02:24 PM

In a nutshell, bulb or lamb is any electrical device that uses electrical current to produce light. There are different types of light bulbs used today. The following points highlight some of the different electrical bulbs. Read on to learn their differences here.

Incandescent lamp is the most popular bulb in the world because many people prefer it to other types of bulbs. It has a tungsten filament which is placed at the center of the bulb. The filament glows when the electricity passes through it and produce light. The empty space of the bulb is filled with nitrogen gas or vacuum to prevent the tungsten from being oxidized. The lifespan of incandescent bulbs ranges from seven hundred to one thousand hours. This type of bulb is beneficial especially in cold season because it generates heat which warms the house.

The second type of light bulb is called a compact fluorescent lamp which is filled with mercury. It does not generate heat like incandescent bulbs which makes them economical because less energy is consumed. Most of this kind of bulbs contains two or more tubular loops and some looks exactly like incandescent lambs. The lifespan of compact fluorescent lambs is above ten thousand hours. This is economical because once you buy compact fluorescent lamb, you do not have to spend your money every time doing replacement.

The third lamb category of lamb is halogen lambs. Just like an incandescent lamp, halogen lambs consist of tungsten filament which is covered with inertia gas and halogen gas such as iodine or bromine. The essence halogen gas in these lambs is to increase the brightness of the lamb and its lifespan. Halogen lamps have a luminous efficiency of about twenty-five lumens per watt. Visit https://huehomelighting.com/different-philips-hue-bulb-types/ to view the different types of bulbs.

Metal halide lamps are another category of lambs which are usually made of discharge tube. The composition of discharge tube includes mercury, starting gas, and MH salts and it is made from ceramic. These lambs are considered one of the most efficient types of bulbs because despite their small size, they produce a lot of light and it is for this reason that they are used in outdoor lighting systems.

Another category of a bulb is light-emitting diode simply known as LED lamb. The electrons move through semiconductor devices and as a result light is produced. LED lamps do not have filaments that make their lifespan even longer. They consume little electricity energy making them economical. The diodes in these lambs can produce any kind of intended light color.

Fluorescent tube bulbs use fluorescence to emit light. Its luminous efficiency ranges between 45 and one hundred lumens per watt. They do not produces heat energy like incandescent and in turn uses less energy. Discover more about bulbs here: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/light-bulb.