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Blind Musician, Producer, Rapper, Activist, Promoter and more, always up for a chat or debate, keep it clean. // /// - Coming Soon!!

Julia Milovat
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0ㄣ ㄣƐㄥㄥ ₦Ø ᴛʜɪs ɪs ᴛʜᴇ ᴘᴀsᴛ I may be wrong, but I'm not lying (songwriter) [ murdering words and sodomizing minds ] my preferred pronoun is " hey asshole or hey motherfucker "

Outreach Advocacy of Kekistan Nation who help bold freedom, individual rights, accurate history, heritage and unique culture. We also focus on many topics, like new ideas, quality of life and humor. Other focus areas include New Society Trends, Positive Ideas, Law, Culture, Study of Logic, Humor, Communications, Creative Efforts, Art, Music, Technology, Engineering, Start Ups, Advocacy of Freedom, and Research thereof. Please send a tip if you like our efforts. Freedom Priority: We support true bold freedom. We also support the freedom such as indicated within the developing Kekistan Constitution; and U.S.A. Constitution and by the Free Citizens (True 4th Branch) of U.S.A.; and within the United Kingdom (U.K.)'s Magna Carta Libertatum, the Bill of Rights 1689, the Human Rights Act of 1998; and within the Scotland Acts 1998 & 2016; and within the Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederation; and within the developing Hong Kong's articles of self determination declarations. Email: [email protected] This is our MINDS Channel, but other sites and platforms are available from KEK Freedom Heritage; and we work on variety of subjects


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Christian, Independent Journalist, Free Spirit, Free Thinker

Poems/writings by Aniko Gajdocsi. All copyrighted. Please give credit when sharing. *************************** My 1st poetry book 'Reverie' is Out Now on Amazon: Paperback: Kindle: **************************** WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: ELSEWHERE ON MINDS: My Art Page: @anikogajdocsiart MINDS Poetry Group (Community): POETRY WEIRDOS Comments and feedback are welcome :) Thank you for reading! _______________________________ Thank You for the Token Contributions: @floatingsailboat @SatoriD @bekanode @infiniteImaginarium @manport @twunders @ericola @AndrasBecker @DiscoverBuddhism

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Feb 2019
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