I am a Twitter refugee. Being independent and willing to challenge the narrative must make me an enemy of the state
Imam Tawhidi
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Peace Advocate, Reformist Imam, Ordained Scholar, National Bestselling Author. Current Focus: National Security, Militant Islamism, Countering Anti-Semitism.

Retired USN Submariner. Regular guy, common sense and conservative perceptions

:::::::Her name was Ashli Babbitt::::::: ~~~ My credentials are my actions, So judge them as you see fit. But it's also wise to keep in mind: I may want you to think I'm a nitwit. ~~ We need to begin to reclaim control over the institutions which have such oversized roles in our lives. As you read this people work tirelessly to see to it that you are dumb and docile. Let's stop them. friend of all fellow travelers; enemy of the Globalist American Regime Be sure to check out the PP Guide: Like: Used liberally Remind: I want to show this to others Quote-Remind: Acknowledging posts that instantly spark an idea Building the Next Americans: Join the MAGA Shadow Government: Weaponize Your Wallet: Want to worship or curse me? See you in church: Just cause you're older don't mean you can't be a good digital soldier. Happy to help all elder #maga soldiers who might need a hand with basic tech & privacy. #FightBack #ResistTechnocrats A piece of performance art, if I were real I'd be schizophrenic. But performance art with a purpose may be just what the situation calls for in our Brave New World of Unreality...

Ayn Randian gun-nut chemist lolicon ironic-nazi

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My Mission : Spread Financial Freedom / Stock Market / Mutual Fund / Bitcoin My path to ₹ ₹ ₹ →

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Sandra Luiz Co-founder Minds, Inc.

Jan 2021
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