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Benefits of Espresso Shaker Cabinets

bonitazabelJan 29, 2019, 6:56:20 PM

You have remodeled your kitchen, out with the old and in with the new. However, there is a stall with your progress. You have no clue on which kitchen cabinets you want to add or change. How about an expresso inspired cabinet? That Italian inspired beverage like with its milky chocolate inspired color is just tantalizing. The kitchen furniture easily blends with espresso shaker cabinets. The color balance attained between the kitchen furniture tends to bring out some form of harmony. Due to the darker finishes with espresso shaker cabinets, they end up giving the kitchen a contemporary look and feel.

Espresso shaker cabinets are mainly constructed using rubberwood. What this means is that since rubberwood is durable and strong, these cabinets will serve one for a long time. Rubberwood usually has some form of stain resistance within it. As a result, the espresso shaker cabinets end up having low maintenance as compared to other cabinet materials. The other well-liked element with espresso shakers is their classic appearance combined with clean lines. Learn more from us at  WholesaleCabinets.US

A common design cue with espresso shaker cabinets is the five-door piece. This set-up is accompanied with a recessed center panel. Depending on which type of espresso shaker cabinet one has, there is one that has a clean design to it while the other has edges that are decorated. Another section that differentiates this type of cabinets are the front drawers. The cabinets have both solid wood frames and doors. Since the cabinets have flat-face frames on all sides, it means one is able to get maximum storage and maximum opening. A modern designed kitchen is well suited with slab drawer fronts. The door joints on expresso shaker cabinets have a flush joint on the doors which gives it a further cleaner look. For the traditional kitchen design, on the other hand, five-piece drawers tend to fit that type of design.

The espresso shakers have this design element to them, whereby their doors are crafted without any visible joining parts. Combining a squared-quartz countertop that is edged with a solid top-drawer panel, results to a sleek kitchen overall look. Espresso shakers when used with any mosaic backsplash that is glass, results in a perfect match. While espresso shakers tend to be preferred in white, they can also be attained in a variety of paints and stains. While painted shaker cabinets provide consistency in an attractive color, a stained shaker cabinet offers the ability to admire the detailing of the natural wood grains. Read here for more info!

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