Michael Maus
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Death to all authoritarians 馃彺 No Commies, No Nazis
location_onHell, USA

Account reserved for Donald Trump. Please email [email protected] to claim

Minds Tips & Tricks
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Rose of Dawn
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YouTuber. Seal connoisseur. Watch me on YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/roseofdawn

only here to dump my meme folder. if I make you laugh, make me rich paypal: [email protected] 馃枻馃А

I am for equality & justice across the board, around the world. Creating change together due to the bravery of people speaking up for what is right.

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We just came here to spit some truth and laugh together with everyone..

Seventh Day Remnant Christian. Primitivist. Visit remnantofGod.org

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I lust for free speech & press...and rifle-wielding waifus. Psych researcher. Fan of evolutionary & moral psychology/philosophy & English poesy. Peak brainlet. Amateur writer hoping to share and better his craft while engaging in memery and political silliness. Let's have fun on social media again... #Exodus https://gab.com/Skaldsanger https://gettr.com/Skaldsanger

I.J.Fuqua "Snoops"
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I am an PA by profession, I also own a small real-estate company for working class people on the side. There's my image and name, come get some.

ancient greek Enthusiastic Ancient greece quotes from greek philosophers SUB FOR SUB :)

Nationalist, Christian, Southern, I post about Art, People, Politics, History, The South, Culture, and Other Oddities and random things that interest me. Just another brick in the wall. @Dixiebellie on Twitter @VexatiousThinker on Gab

Hell, USA
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Jan 2021
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